VON And The Tuesday Dress Code

    September 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Fall 2006 VON conference begins this week as VoIP competition heats up and the efforts of small firms and major Internet players gather plenty of interest in the field.

Jeff Pulver has been respected for years for his efforts at unwiring the telephone from the physical phone line. His contemporaries will offer their tribute by marking his birthday on Tuesday, as Om Malik reported on his blog:

Some of us will wear Hawaiian shirts on Tuesday to celebrate Jeff Pulver’s birthday. Perhaps we would all take this opportunity to remind the godfather of VoIP, that video on the net maybe the new kid on the block, his roots are still in VoIP, and he should continue to blog more about well VoIP.

Malik’s thoughts on telephony gather a significant measure of respect throughout the industry too. He attached a lot of importance to VoIP’s continued development:

Why? Because after a long stint as a low-cost PSTN replacement technology, VoIP is finally beginning to evolve and become part of the web fabric. This is critical – because in the future, voice will just become a feature, to be embedded in different apps.

It’s even given rise to a new buzzword – Voice 2.0, which Malik attributed to fellow VoIP blogger Alec Saunders.

Pulver waxed effusively about the opening of the conference and a new addition to the proceedings, as noted on his blog:

Fall 2006 VON will be our largest and most active VON event in our history and I’m equally excited and proud of the launch of our new Video on the Net conference, a new event that spells “VON” for the world of media and entertainment.

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