Vista vs. Leopard Poker Showdown

    August 30, 2006

So Apple has given us a taste of Leopard while almost certainly withholding some features to hit Microsoft with later this year or early next.

I’m hoping they have something that will stun Microsoft. A while ago I wondered if Apple is playing Poker with Microsoft and is holding a hand in Leopard that will knock Vista right out of the pot. But..

Last night I was playing 5/10 cent Hold-em on-line and was dealt a pair of nines. Someone ahead of me bet sixty cents or so, and I called.

The flop was 968, which of course gave me a nice start toward a full house.

The woman who called bet a couple of dollars, which made me think she either had two pair or perhaps trips. I called, the next card was another 8 and she bet hard again.

I of course figured she had an 8’s over full house, so I raised her as I had the better hand. She went all in and I called. The pot was now $14.00.

As it turned out, she had four eights. Too bad for me. Could the same sort of surprise be in store for Apple?

Sure Vista has been late, and we’re all assuming that it is because Microsoft is having internal problems. But what if this is Microsoft’s poker ploy? Look weak for a couple of months while Apple finishes up Leopard, then slam down the big surprise?

Well, maybe. Personally, I think Apple is going to win this hand. Microsoft still has most the chips, but Apple and Linux are not out of the game yet and the laying down of hands in Vista vs. Leopard is going to be very interesting.

Anyone think Microsoft has four eights?

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