Vista Named Year’s Top Tech Disappointment

Microsoft dons dunce hat

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At the top of nearly every tech list you can think of, there sits Google, and we’re sure this gets to one or two of the folks at Microsoft.  They probably didn’t desire a mention in a list called "The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007," though, and Windows Vista actually wound up being number one.

Dan Tynan, who put it there, readily admits that Vista isn’t awful; it’s not as if the operating system eats puppies.  But he writes, "It’s just that Vista isn’t all that good.  Many of the innovations the operating system was supposed to bring–like more efficient file and communications systems–got tossed overboard as Microsoft struggled to get the OS out the door, some three years after it was first promised.  Despite its hefty hardware requirements, Vista is slower than XP."

And we have, after all, covered several stories about the slow adoption of Vista and how people have even returned from Vista to XP.  That’s pretty embarrassing, given that operating systems have traditionally been Microsoft’s mainstay.

Of course, Tynan continues, "We have no doubt Vista will come to dominate the PC landscape, if only because it will become increasingly hard to buy a new machine that doesn’t have it pre-installed.  And that’s disappointing in its own right."

Looks like it may be time to learn about Linux.

Vista Named Year’s Top Tech Disappointment
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  • http://www.pctd.co.uk Adrian

    Windows Vista..ummm yes i used to have it but like others i went back to XP.

    Not only is it slow but also it is also not able to work with some older programmes (unlike XP)

    When i first heard about Vista i was over the moon (when it was in it’s beta stage that is) So when the day it camr to my local store, went out..headed home popped it in and was like wow cool.

    The i noticed the how slow it was, and that i could not play some games i used to on XP.

    Sure there maybe patches etc but come on – should not have to keep patching because they failed to thin kahead..or in some cases – past.

    Well i am, not suprised bista got the top spot for disappointments of 2007. I am just glad that i kept my xp disk.

  • Max

    Remarkably, I bought a HP Pavillion laptop carrying the Vista Home Premium OEM AND a HP Designjet 90 printer……the printer cost as much as the laptop and since February 2007, the Vista drivers are still not available from HP for the printer.

    To make matters worse, my Avid video software as well as Cakewalk’s P5 V2 music software will probably never be compatible with Vista without thousands of dollars to upgrade in the next year….

    OEM OS’s in the future should give the buyere options…..I choose XP Pro….

  • http://rapid4me.com toparty

    Vista ( http://file.sh/windows+vista+torrent.html ) for the rough edges it has compared to 7, is every bit as good in the security field. Technically, out of the box, it’s more secure. So that won’t be the case this time around. And for the record, it was the truth between XP and Vista. Vista x64 is substantially more secure through OS protections than XP is. Vista still won’t be as fast as 7. Won’t have the superbar. But under the hood, for the most part, they’re pretty much the same.

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