Vista Business Sales Going Faster Than Expected

    January 15, 2007

Sales of Windows Vista Business, considering the “soft launch” that only made it available through very specific business channels and lacked a major launch event, are higher than anyone thought they would be.

Any analyst with a brain would assume Vista Business sales would be lower than that of previous releases, due to a lack of buzz and the general “wait for January 30″ attitude about Vista, and yet

Sales of Vista Business, in the first month of availability, were roughly the same as they were six years ago for Windows XP, and higher than seven years ago for Windows 2000. This determination was made by comparing apples to apples, comparing Business software licenses sold through resellers, and revenue was thus up 62.5% over Win2000, and 3.7% below WinXP.

(via Ina Fried > Scoble)


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