Video Advertising Ticks Off the Audience?

    October 4, 2006

This is why I appreciate the sponsorship of my ScobleShow that Seagate paid for. They aren’t asking me to run stupid video advertising, like the Wall Street Journal talks about today, that pisses off my audience.

I don’t get why companies try to force their brands down our throats. There’s a lot better way to get adoption than by doing that.

Heck, you get more good feelings by supporting the community (like what Yahoo did last week by getting Beck to play a free concert) than by buying stupid interruptive advertising.

It’s a good thing that advertising agencies still don’t have a clue what Hugh MacLeod is doing with his little cartoons and by giving free wine to bloggers. Why is it a good thing?

Cause if Hugh is the only one doing this new kind of advertising then he’ll continue to see huge results. He stands out cause he’s doing “clued-in-vertising” while everyone else is doing the old style advertising.

I can’t wait for the ROI reports that show that Web 2.0 advertising doesn’t work.

Of course it doesn’t. But what Hugh is doing DOES work. Not only did Stormhoek (the wine that Hugh pitches) win a marketing award recently from the wine industry, but he doubled sales. And, he implanted Stormhoek in my brain. I live two hours from Napa. The idea that I know more about a South African wine than most of the wineries in Napa is simply heresy.

So, keep going advertisers. One thing – you can’t get on my blog unless you do something for the bloggers. Seagate is (I can’t share what yet, but they are doing some fun things – particularly around the CES show).


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