Veoh, CineVegas Team Up

    August 29, 2007

Want to watch some highly acclaimed short films for free?  CineVegas is preparing to launch a “CineVegas Shorts Online” channel on

A little catch-up may be necessary before we continue, however, in the event those names aren’t immediately familiar.  After all, Veoh isn’t the most popular video site out there – recent data from Hitwise puts its market share at a paltry 1.57 percent.  And CineVegas probably isn’t the most famous film festival – it’s listed nowhere among the dozens of what Wikipedia has deemed “significant or notable festivals.”

On the other hand, that 1.57 percent is good enough to put Veoh in sixth place (behind MSN Video), and CineVegas has ties to Anthony Hopkins and Jack Nicholson.  YouTube and Cannes they’re not, but Veoh and CineVegas shouldn’t be sniffed at.

So, back to CineVegas Shorts Online.  The channel “will present shorts the Festival has shown in the past, as well as bodies of work from former CineVegas filmmakers,” according to a press release.  “A new video installment will be introduced every two weeks, each highlighting a specific filmmaker, and starting in January 2008, the Festival will showcase ‘best of’ compilations on the site.”

Sounds like it’ll be worth checking in on.  Hat tip to Mashable’s Kristen Nicole.