Shifts Name, Focus

    July 30, 2007

Even as its name grows shorter,’s focus is growing broader; the new Vehix will aim for “the integration of spot cable, video on demand, broadband and mobile devices.”

Derek Mattsson, the CEO of Vehix, explained the changes by noting, “Media is being consumed across all platforms, and the consumer is in complete control of how and when content is viewed.”  So his company adapted to the times.

Vehix “announced distribution agreements with partners across all platforms, and cross-network advertising offerings that consolidate and simplify the ever-expanding maze of digital channels for automotive marketers,” according to a press release.  Once these agreements bear fruit, Vehix should prove capable of molding itself to users’ demands.

In fact, I have yet to think of a way in which this development seems suspicious or won’t be beneficial.  I’ll grant, however, that I can be something of an optimist whenever cars and the automotive industry are concerned.  And David Burn did notice one oddity: an Advertising Age piece says that Glenn Morey “holds the dual position of Vehix chief marketing officer and president of Morey Evans, Denver, Vehix’s agency.”

“Talk about integrated marketing,” responded Burn on AdPulp.  Then came a disclosure, which, since Burn appears to be doing all right, is rather humorous: “I worked at Morey’s shop for six weeks in the fall of 2000, before Tom Evans tossed me out for being ‘contentious,’” he wrote.

Yes, well . . . Vehix is doing everything it can to go with the flow, and that includes not making your humble author repeatedly type “.com.”