Value Systems

    November 14, 2006

On the web there is a meshing of a virtually unlimited number of value systems.

If you can find ways to remove market friction or create things that will be relevant to many different value systems you stand to generate great profits. Search + advertising is one way to leverage others work into a value system of some sorts, but search is still in its infancy. That is why visual search is new and Google is trying so hard to shore up their other revenue streams.

Money only has value because people push it hard and powerful organizations standardize it and require it to pay taxes. Value only exists in your mind. At the root of all value systems is a marketer and a belief.

The more your work resembles your own beliefs the easier it is to push it as being authentic because it is. The more time you spend figuring out your own value systems rather than accepting the ones others push the happier you will become and the more you will attract possitive influences in your life.

What things in your life caused the most abrupt changes in your beliefs or value systems? What knowledge or knowledge sources can help you bridge the gap to profit from value disconnects?



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