Valuable Blog Survey Results From Germany

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In Germany the CRM agency Proximity has asked 2,700 internet users about weblogs. And the results are both interesting and valuable …

(assuming that there is reasonable statistical validity). One example: 91% expect a fast and appropriate reaction to questions and comments in enterprise blogs.

Press release in German / Google’s English translation


  1. 91% of the blog readers expect a fast and appropriate reaction to questions and comments in enterprise blogs.
  2. 90% think it’s important to make a clear difference between commercial and non-commercial content.
  3. Of the blog readers, 54% form their opinions about products/companies on the basis of blogs.
  4. 51% of the blog readers visit product and/or corporate sites as a results of reading blogs.
  5. 58% of the blog readers, read them to find news and information they can’t find otherwise.
  6. 57% of them are interested in the personal opinions of the authors, but only 43% are interested in the discussions.

If these results are correct, it’s one of the strongest cases for corporate blogs I’ve seen. What an opportunity to have 57% percent of your readers actually interested in your personal opinion, just to mention one detail.

Disclaimer: I haven’t studied German for many years… Should I have misunderstood something in the mix of German and Google English, please correct me. Thanks CyberWriter for the link!

Reader Comments…

Fredrik Wacka is the author and founder of the popular CorporateBlogging.Info blog which is a guide to business and corporate blogging.

Visit Fredrik Wacka’s blog: CorporateBlogging.Info.

Valuable Blog Survey Results From Germany
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  • Mike

    Human nature is pretty much the same everywhere, just with different shades due to different cultures and social groups.
    Here’s a good website on Germany:

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