Using Fireworks To Create WAP Graphics

    May 16, 2001

I mentioned quite a few different methods of creating WBMP image files back in March, and now I’d like to elaborate on that topic a little more, focusing on Macromedia Fireworks.

Macromedia was kind enough to build an XTRA that would allow designers the opportunity of working in the familiar Fireworks environment while creating graphics intended for wireless devices.

You can download the Fireworks WBMP extension here

Or, for more general info about wireless graphics(WBMP), click here

— Creating Your First WBMP in Fireworks

1) Open a new Fireworks document. The example size I’m working with is 150 x 100.

2) We’re not going to be making anything extremely complex, so just select the text tool and write your name on the canvas in your favorite font. For the example, I’m using Mini 7, which is a pixel font. Feel free to add some decoration around your name.

3) Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, go to File/Export Preview. (Note: you must have the Fireworks WBMP XTRA installed) Under ‘Format’, select WBMP. Now click ‘Export’ and export the WBMP just like any other image!

Here’s where you see why I used a pixel font…the WBMP format is only black and white, so it doesn’t anti-alias very well, except for the minimal black and white dithering it does. So until there are newer standards for wireless devices, the image format is gonna stay black and white and pixelated all over!

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