US Drafting Plan To Track All Internet Traffic

    January 15, 2008

National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell is developing a Cyber-Security Policy, currently in the draft stage that will closely monitor Internet activity.

Mike McConnell

"Ed Giorgio, who is working with McConnell on the plan, said that would mean giving the government the authority to examine the content of any email, file, transfer or Web search," according to an article in the print edition of The New Yorker.

"Google has records that could help in a cyber-investigation," Giorgio said. "Giorgio warned me, ‘We have a saying in this business: ‘Privacy and security are a zero-sum game.’" McConnell’s aide believes that better security can only be achieved at privacy’s expense.

According to a 2007conversation in the Oval Office, McConnell told President Bush, "If the 9/11 perpetrators had focused on a single US bank through cyber-attack and had it been successful, it would have an order of magnitude greater impact on the US economy." Bush asked McConnell to develop a network security plan.

"One proposal of McConnell’s Cyber-Security Policy, which is still in the draft stage, is to reduce the access points between government computers and the Internet from two thousand to fifty," the article says.

"He claimed that cyber-theft account for as much as a hundred billion dollars in annual losses to the American economy. The real problem is the perpetrator who doesn’t care about stealing- he just wants to destroy."