Understanding “Allinanchor” to Improve Google Ranking

    October 8, 2007

Google has several "search operators" that provide important insights into improving search engine rankings. One of the most important commands is "Allinanchor" as it heavily influences Google’s ranking algorithm – by providing relevance to inbound links.

Allinanchor is a Google search command that searches for internet pages that contain inbound links with a certain keyword in their anchor text. Anchor text is the text used in the link back to a website. For example, if you see a link on a web page that looks like this: Submit Free, then the anchor text is "Submit Free".

The reason allinanchor search is so important is that is shows a list of web pages that have a high volume of inbound links with a particular keyword. There is a strong correlation between the allinanchor results for a "term" and the general Google web results for the same term.

To highlight the importance of allinanchor on rankings, one of the key search terms we optimize for is "fast google inclusion". As you can see from the images below, we’re the number one ranking for the term on both "allinanchor" and Google’s normal web search.

Fast Google Inclusion
Fast Google Inclusion

To conduct an allinanchor search, simply use the following in the Google search box:
Allinanchor:[your search term] (e.g. allinanchor:fast google inclusion]

Watch the video below to see it in action:

It’s well known that link building is one of most important factors in improving your ranking in Google. While you focus on getting inbound links to your website (in a natural way), remember that the anchor text plays a vital role in your Google ranking success. Use allinanchor to help monitor your progress and also keep an eye on your competition.