UK’s Yokels Into Social Networks, Online Shopping

    May 22, 2008

Look for the CEOs of online retailers and social networks to start acting kindly towards the UK’s rustic types; new Hitwise data indicates that people living in rural areas tend to out-participate city folk in these two categories.

 Hitwise’s Data On Online Shopping
(Photo Credit: Hitwise)

For four weeks, Robin Goad looked at how many of the Internet users in a given geographic zone went to certain sites.  He reports, "Londoners are the least likely to visit an online retailer, while the areas that over-index most within the category are Wales and the South West."

Goad then continues, "A similar picture also emerges when it comes to social networking. . . .  London is again the most under-represented region, while Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are all over-represented."

These statistics go against what most people might imagine; urban residents are supposed to be the ones setting tech trends.  And if anyone really wants to argue, it’s possible that the stereotype holds true outside the UK, and even in some respects within it.  Still, it looks like people living outside big cities have become extremely comfortable with social networks and shopping sites.

In the ongoing fight for users, maybe Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo should consider advertising on cows.