UK vs. US – Yahoo Search Marketing Minimum Bids

    March 3, 2007

Yahoo has recently clarified that they’ll be sticking with the $0.10 min bid in the U.S. and discontinuing grandfathered bids.

Which should make it surprising that they’re dropping the minimum in the UK to 5p – except that 5p works out to roughly 10c. So it’s about the same in both places.

Either way, most of the time these minimums don’t matter. If your market is in any way competitive you’ll soon be paying significantly more than this to stay visible, even if you’re “lowballing.”

It’s interesting to notice that Peter Hershberg doesn’t feel the need to couch this story as “under Panama”. Peter’s company does a lot of paid search. He understands that whether you call the platform Panama, Kumquat, Sasquatch, or Guantanamo, a minimum bid is a policy having nothing to do with the interface per se.



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