ÜberTwitter Still Busted – That’s ÜberLame

    August 9, 2009

Most Twitter users are back online after the DoS attack that brought the microblogging site to its knees. Notice how I used the word "most"? Blackberry users who use the popular ÜberTwitter app are still having some major issues.

Ubertwitter on BlackberryDo you use Übertwitter? Let us know.

ÜberTwitter acknowledged they’re still having Twitter service issues on their site:

"The Twitter service and in particular Twitter’s interface which third party clients like ÜberTwitter use to talk to Twitter is still experiencing slowness and occasional timeouts. Until Twitter can resolve the issue you will continue to experience problems retrieving timelines and posting tweets using ÜberTwitter and any other clients."

You may notice that ÜberTwitter is saying that ALL third party clients are experiencing the same issues as them. So we decided to do a little testing with other 3rd party clients. Below you’ll see tweets from Mike McDonald, sent from his myTouch 3G with twidroid, and Susan Coppersmith, sent from her iPhone with TweetDeck. Neither of them experienced problems reading or sending tweets. We’re not saying ÜberTwitter is incorrect, but it does seem more like an isolated issue.

Mike McDonald Twitroid test tweet

Susan Coppersmith Twitroid test tweet

In fact so many Twitterers are having issues with the Blackberry app that ÜberTwitter is a trending topic. A search on Twitter will show you that most people are incredibly unhappy with Übertwitter, some are even turning to other apps to get them through this downtime.

Ubertwitter trending topic

Ubertwitter search

Soon to be ESPN NFL analyst, Adam Schefter, seems to be taking the ÜberTwitter service issues really hard. He even equates the apps downtime to a "smoker tyring to quit".

Adam Schefter Tweet

Adam Schefter Tweet

It should be noted that Schefter is currently in Canton, Ohio for the NFL Hall-of-Fame game, which will be held this coming Sunday. So he’ll be relying on ÜberTwitter to relay news to his loyal followers.

Is the Übertwitter downtime causing you any grief? Let us know.