TwitVid Delivers First Twitter Video Upload App for Blackberry

    August 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

TwitVid has just released what it calls "the first Twitter Video uploading application for the Blackberry." Blackberry-using Twitterers with a love for sharing video can now rejoice.

"We believe that video will help to drive further Twitter adoption because it dramatically enriches the Twitter experience," says Mo Adham, Co-Founder of "Now people are not just restricted to experiencing the Twitter universe from the 140 character view, they can see and more deeply communicate what’s happening in their social circle and beyond."

TwitVid for Blackberry

To tweet videos from the Blackberry, users simply need to:

1. Download the app
2. Open the app
3. Select or record a video
4. Type a tweet
5. Click post and let your video upload

At that point, people can start watching it within seconds. That’s pretty much real-time video from your blackberry.

TwitVid also announced that it will power video for UberTwitter, the most popular Blackberry Twitter app. "Being first out the gate with a standalone video app for the Blackberry and supplying video tweeting to an incredible app like UberTwitter means our users get the best Twitter experience available anywhere," says Adham.

"We chose for UberTwitter, because we wanted to give our users the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to tweet video,” said Paul McDonald, Founder of UberTwitter.  "The Developer’s Kit made it extremely easy for us to integrate video into our app.  I know our users are going to love the way TwitVid makes tweeting video on UberTwitter really easy and fun."

TwitVid launched its iPhone 3GS app in July, and also offers the ability to tweet videos through email from mobile devices or through TwitVid also comes equipped with sharing capabilities for Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. TwitVid for Blackberry is available for download at BlackBerry App World.