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Too Many Tweets Can Be Bad For All Parties

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Some people tweet a lot. I follow a good deal of them. Sometimes excessive tweeting can include plenty of wisdom. Often times, however, it is just annoying. Chances are that if you follow somebody, you do care what they have to say, at least to some extent. If they tweet too much though, you may find yourself caring less, and you may even decide to unfollow them. Do you unfollow people who tweet too much? Tell us.

Excessive tweeting is at the root of more than one of Twitter’s problems.

The Retention Problem

Twitter has been known to have trouble with user retention. People sign up and abandon their accounts. A common complaint about Twitter is that it contains too much "noise." In other words, there are too many random tweets that nobody cares about.

I’ve always found it a bit naive to assume that just because you find a tweet useless,  it is useless to everybody. I’ve long considered that you control who you follow, so if you don’t like somebody’s tweeting, you have the power to stop following them.

This is still true, but perhaps it is more complex than that. I may want to follow @soandso (I’m only using this as an example) because I know that they will say things that I need to know sometimes, but @soandso may also flood my Twitter stream with useless conversation that I have no interest in – noise.

If that noise gets to become to much of an issue, I will likely end up deciding to unfolllow @soandso anyway, and try to obtain the info from somewhere else – somewhere that is less annoying.

The lesson here (from the business perspective)
is that if you want to keep followers, you should probably limit your tweeting. That’s not to say that every Tweet has to be incredibly important. Just think before you Tweet, and keep your audience in mind.

The Capacity Problem

By tweeting too frequently, you may actually be hurting Twitter’s accessibility. Interestingly enough, while I was researching this article, I encountered the "Twitter is over capacity" error message a couple times (one with and one without the Fail Whale), which if you’ll notice in the illustrations below, is accompanied by "Too many Tweets! Please wait a moment and try again."

Twitter is Over Capacity

Twitter is Over Capacity

If Twitter’s not operating properly, it’s not going to do anybody any good until it comes back. If you’re tweeting too much, you’re contributing to the problem. Twitter does limit the number of tweets you post in a day.

"We do cap the number of updates a user can make in a 24 hour period, whether via the API or any other input method (web, mobile, etc.)," said Alex Payne, Twitter’s API Lead in a Google Groups conversation back in January. "Right now, that number is 1000, but it’s subject to change at any time. "

I am awaiting confirmation on whether or not this is still the number, but whether it has changed or not, Twitter may reduce it more still, considering the capacity issue. If Twitter wants to keep growing, this has to be a turn off (despite all of the charm of the Fail Whale).

Tweet How the Real Twitterers Tweet

I thought it would be interesting to see how frequently the people who actually run Twitter tweet themselves. As far as I can tell, the frequency isn’t too high. They tweet often, but not excessively. I browsed the last month or so worth of tweets from the following list of Twitter staffers (hat tip to Twittercism who has a huge list of Twitterers), and they all pretty much kept it to 20 tweets a day or less (5 or less or 3 or less in some cases, most were under 10).

10 of the People Behind Twitter

1. Evan Williams (@ev) – Twitter CEO

2. Biz Stone (@biz) Twitter Co-founder

3. Abdur Chowdhury (@abdur) – Twitter’s "Chief Scientist"

4. Alex Payne (@al3x) – Twitter’s API Lead

5. Crystal (@crystal) – leads twitter support team

6. Eric Jensen (@ej) – Co-founded Summize (Twitter Search) – search and text mining technologist

7. Greg Pass (@gregpass) – Director of Engineering and Ops

8. Jason Goldman (@goldman) – Director of product strategy

9. John Adams (@netik) – operations engineer

10. Rudy Winnacker (@ronpepsi) – operations engineer

I have to wonder if Twitter employees have a limit in place for themselves. Of course they know what happens when there are too many tweets. No point in creating more work for yourself.

Can You Tweet Too Little?

Depending on what your goals are for using Twitter, I would say that it is possible to tweet too little. If you are using it for business purposes, then a lack of updates could reflect poorly on your effort to stay in touch with your followers.

As long as you’re not completely dead on Twitter for months at a time, you’ll probably be ok though. In fact, I don’t consider myself a very frequent tweeter. There is just as much (if not more) to gain from Twitter by absorbing the content that is coming in, than there is by pushing content out.

The Moral of the Story

Your Twitter frequency should be dictated by you goals. That said, you do not want to overdo it. You may lose followers from a lack of updating, but I would think you would be more likely to lose them when you update too much. Use moderation. Use other channels of communication when applicable. Use direct messages for one on one conversation.

What are your thoughts on overtweeting? Undertweeting? Discuss with WebProNews readers.

Tweet As the Real Twitterers Do
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  • http://side-site.com Bryan Quinn

    Great article. Better info than most the tweetie books around.

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    I always unfollow people who tweet to much. If I see more then 2 tweets from the same person in a row in my stream, I simply unfollow and move on.

  • http://www.internetmarketingtip.us/ Susan

    While I agree that it is a “bit naive to assume that just because you find a tweet useless, it is useless to everybody,” I find it hard to believe that someone really cares what you’re doing every minute of the day. So when I’ve followed someone who primarily sends lots of status updates about their daily activities I unfollow them.

    Another of my pet peeves are the Twitterers who tweet the same message several times a day. I unfollow them too.

    • Chris Crum

      While it is certainly understandable that you wouldn’t want to see what someone is doing every minute of the day. I believe there are actually people who enjoy that kind of thing with certain people.

      I agree that tweeting the same message throughout the day can get pretty annoying.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    I usally don’t follow people unless I am interested to follow up with them however who follow you is another story. Once I checked who follow me to remove spammers/porn preachers and discovered that someone -or maybe a bot- is tweet about nothing but time!

    This makes me not only wonders about this weird world but also wonders about abusing the resources of the network in such stupid way. It was something like that:

    it’s 11:30 am
    it’s 11:31 am
    it’s 11:32 am

    • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ HAVOC MARKETING

      I haven’t seen tweets like that yet. Since you mentioned I’ll keep a look out for them. It is really stupid. I unfollow people mostly when they unfollow me first or if they are tweeting too much about irrelevant topics.

  • http://www.38pages.com Wes

    I can’t stand it when people post every freaking five seconds! AHHHHHH!! Sorry, I had to get that out and I thought this would be a good place to do it.

    More than just random posting I can’t stand 10,000 Retweets!!!! Seriously?? Do they think that anyone actually cares??

    Similar to Toni, I unfollow anyone with three or more tweets in a row in my timeline.

    • http://www.controldatainc.com/tips agency collection

      I have seen these people just pour out the treats. I limit myself to one tweet a day

  • http://www.catherinewhite.wordpress.com Catherine Whte


  • Lisa

    Yes, I unfollow people who tweet too frequently, if it is nonsense. If they’re tweeting quality information/links, that’s different. I especially unfollow people who insist on tweeting their location, as in, “I’m in Overland Park”. Srsly? I don’t care. If I wanted to know where you were, I’d call you. If I don’t have your phone number, I definitely don’t care where you are.

    • Chris Crum

      Good point Lisa. There is definitely something to be said for quality of tweets.

  • NAWP President

    Thanks for the article. I have to admit I just sent (3) tweets but one was a follow-up because of the 140 character limit. Overall I do a couple in the morning and maybe later in the day if something important is happening. I hate the spam tweets, the you can make $$ tweets, and the very inspirational tweets (a little is good in that category).

    Once again, thanks for the article.

  • http://www.gasta.com Guest

    Hi I tweet all the time, news, articles, videos, I update news headlines about 3 times aday and love it when I get an RT. The social marketing tools on the SERP on gasta.com make simple and irresistle to tweet!

  • http://www.sunspotsproductions.com/ Thomas Rohe

    I tend to unfollow those who tweet the same things over and over. I really UNfollow anyone with a MLM, marketing scheme, business “opportunity”, that they forever tweet about. Oh and the ones that say “get so many followers”… Yep, they get the plug pulled too.

  • http://www.selectyourfranchise.com Franchises UK

    Great article… I use twitter for both my personal branding as a internet marketer and for my company and getting barraged with tweets from those im following tends to make me unfollow them. I generally only tweet a few times a day and only if I feel its of interest to my followers. Sure I mix in some human interest so that its personal but overdoing it has the effect of annoying people.

    Follow with care is my advice!


    • http://www.itele.es Jay

      If i get more than 5 tweets in a row from the same person, I stop following them. Recently I had people just repeating what the tennis score was.

  • http://www.recycledgraymatter.com charlie sneller

    Annoying to receive multiple, connected tweets from the same person. Twitter was intended to be an effective and convenient tool. 3 Tweets (in a row) and you’re out?

  • http://vintagerosecollectibles.chshops.com Vintage Rose

    Too many tweets from one url is enough to tell me to stop following them or to block them. It is annoying that some folk have to tweet everything they list. I tweet about once a day which to me is enough. I have better things to do then tweet!
    There are some tweeters that are like me, only shout a little and I like them. Now I am not against tweeting, just too many of them from the same person within 10 mins, 1/2 hour and more.

  • Guest

    I still think Skype is the best, all these other forums mess the market, you don’t know where to be.

    Skip every one, but Skype

    Skype forever

  • JillCul

    I most definitely unfollow people who Tweet too much- or people who include links through to SPAM ‘I can make you $1 million’ links. Those who pertain to be valid business people, but who just spout nonsense irritate me the most!

    • http://www.webdesignbycindy.com Cindy

      I don’t mind the conversation tweets or even the inspiring quote tweets. But one after the other of anything is tedious to try to sift through.
      And I agree that the Spam tweets are crap. I have one account that not one person READS tweets, they just tweet to hear themselves speak and spread their spam.
      I don’t use that account anymore.

  • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    I’m probably a little too patient sometimes, and as annoying as it is to watch someone post 10 times in a row for each separate item they just listed online for sale, I probably will just close the page and go do something else… if they go into the 20, 30 or 40 tweet in a row range, then I’d probably unfollow, because that’s just ridiculous… lol :D

    I unfollow more people for being negative, foul and hateful, than “spewful” (lol)… just no room for hate or cruelty on twitter or anywhere.

    I rarely tweet, if at all, these days… as Vintage Rose said, there are far too many other fun things to do!

    Have a nice day all! :D

  • http://www.simrealestategame.com cjbmeb14

    Well I tweet quite a lot telling my followers about my virtual real estate website. I find it a great way to advertise my website, I have had plenty of sign up’s to my website which I am very happy about.

    I don’t tweet every five minutes but perhaps about four times a day. I also include news stories that may be of interest as well.

    My twitter name is cjbmeb14 and I have 1259 followers.

  • Guest

    I absolutely stop following people who tweet to much, it’s sooooo annoying.

  • http://www.Twitter.com/SusanGrisanti Susan Grisanti

    I Tweet when I have something
    meaningful to say, Not when my
    plumbing is stopped up or when I’m having
    a frustrating day!
    I Tweet when I wish to promote a friend’s
    new marketing idea….
    I Tweet when I have a new music
    performance or Video or song on the Web….
    I Tweet when I find something COOL on the
    Web that I think Fellow Tweepers will enjoy!
    That’s why I Tweet~~~~ GOGOGOGOGOGO TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff Mard

      Two comments…

      1-I unfollow people who are negative, sales oriented and/or voice opinions that are no inline w/my personal opinions.

      2-I used tweet deck to follow people I “want” to hear from and let the rest of the people go to my regular feed. Right now I have 15 different columns on TweetDeck and see this as a great approach for now.

  • http://www.web1marketing.com Ian M.

    Too many tweets suck, but here’s the problem (at least from a business perspective): as more and more people join Twitter and follow, the amount of time your tweet is on that first page (and is actually read) is very very short. I would be interested in knowing how many people click the “more” button at the bottom to read beyond those first 20 or so posts, kind of like going to page 2 and beyond in SERPS.

  • http://anythinginternetmarketing.blogspot.com/ Chad Flick

    I haven’t had any problems where I found myself wanting to unfollow someone yet and I’ve been using Twitter for quite awhile now, but I do unfollow those who unfollow me. Most everyone I follow are people that are sharing the same type if info through their tweets or they are looking for the info I share in my tweets.

  • http://www.explorewilkes.com ExploreWilkes

    i agree – too many nonsense tweets – unfollow. I have been following at least 3 that always appear at the top of my tweet list – too many tweets… i have considered unfollowing, but a percentage of their tweets i am very interested in – so i keep them. thus so far, the benefit outweighs the too many tweets of those 3. i understand they want to stay in the forefront of their followers’ minds… but it is too many… i don’t want to pester anyone with our happenings… events and interesting things to do here in our County.
    besides, how can anyone read more than 20 people’s tweets or less??? if anyone of them tweets 5x/day… i have missed some that i saw RT and i know i am following them…. but i missed them b/c the ones that tweet the most stay on top of my list. in a sense i don’t get the whole twitter thing… but think it is neat to see what folks are doing or thinking about.. :)

  • http://twitter.com/KirkhamsEbooks Newbie Services

    You’re right I just don’t want to know someone had a good movement after dinner. Those folks need a life, but I continue to tweet do to the valuable information in one place

    Click my title to follow me

  • http://www.zoozoo2.com Guest

    Interesting article.

    However why does everything on the internet have to be a vehicle for business. Why should twitter have to be about your latest business idea, your business website, your latest business blog. Why can’t it just be a fun tool for ordinary people to communicate with each other about ordinary stuff.
    There are tons of ways to push your business or network online without making twitter another business link tool.


    • Chris Crum

      Well, WebProNews is a business publication. Twitter can be both a fun tool for ordinary people to communicate, and it can benefit businesses in a variety of ways as well (not just marketing). I think if you look at pretty much any medium where people are communicating, you will find businesses taking advantage.

    • http://wheelchairsabound.com Shasme

      I just joined Twitter a few months back, and didn’t feel too good about using this forum to promote my business for the reasons you’ve stated here. Therefore my updates were minimal. I totally agree, it would be nice to just have real conversations with real people. As opposed to constantly promoting something. However, I recently logged-in and discovered the Twello Pages. I am thankful to have a “business” section for which I can do a little marketing of WheelchairsAbound.com. It seems they’ve thought this thing thru!

  • http://www.ncwebpros.com Reggie Byrum

    Heavens YES! I’ll “un-follow” someone in a heartbeat if I see over 20 Tweets in under 30 minutes. I love seeing what people have to say, but for someone to just come in and take over . . . well, that’s rude and they won’t be in my “follow” list for long.

    If they had great nuggets of gold to share, it may be harder to do, but most people are just plain bored and tweet about things that just doesn’t make sense.

    SO yes. I’d say excessive tweeting can be hazardous to your follow list.

  • http://www.secondstardesigns.com Caryn Stockwell

    The only time I unfollow is when there is an inordinate amount of profanity being posted.

    I don’t need to see how many times one person can properly use the F-word in a sentence.

  • http://www.ThinkOnItBibleDevotions.com Elizabeth

    If you’re pumping out 20 to 30 tweets within a few hours, I’ll unfollow you because you’re hogging it up. There are others’ tweets I want to see. Two or three tweets a day is good. Please make it relevant to why I’m following in the first.

  • http://www.eboss.co.uk David Lyons

    I am new to twitter, I started a few days ago, my twitter is davidlyons3000 , I have already unfollowed even respectable followings as they tweet too much. I want to use this for my business to keep my clients informed about my recruitment software as a service product, I intend on keeping it to 4 or 5 a day, afterall as someone once said, if you havn’t got anything good to say, dont say anything…

  • http://TheStupidAppraiser.info Cecilia

    If your tweets seem to be an automatic feed, you’re histoire with me. If I want quote-of-the-day or joke-of-the-day I’ll find my own feed, thank you. There just isn’t all that much new material out there to feed, anyways.
    Automatic “thank you” DM’s put you on my “watch list” – especially if you followed me first and I took the time to look you up and writing a nice personal DM after following you back.
    Rarely do I follow somebody with no website or at least substantial timeline with content. If your location is “Universe”, or similar, I wish you well on your journey but I won’t be along.
    YES – I generally un-follow excessive tweeters in other words.
    Thanks for letting me vent!

  • Laura

    I don’t need some robo message. I don’t need to hear about how I can gain 1000 followers a day. I don’t need to see the latest gimmick to game Twitter. I don’t need to learn how to make thousands in real estate. I don’t need to earn money from home.

    MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME tweets are boring.

  • http://mygourmetguide.blogspot.com Jos


    My comment is very simmple one : I tweet quality; ok I confess that I also do some marketing :-)

    Have a nice weekend,


  • http://www.mymaxieprice.com Maxie Price Chevrolet

    I’m still not a huge Twitter fan. It doesn’t offer me anything that Facebook doesn’t, and in fact, it offers much less. Who cares about being able to see just a plain text message formatted update?

    People these days like to look at pictures, instant message, comment on photos, share life with people. Twitter doesn’t really hit this spot.

    It is like comparing The internet to the telegraph. Not sure why it has caught on so fast.

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/jimisan.ppr Jimisan

      I’m not really a huge fan too. I agreed with most of your comments. I usually checked for new followers twice a week. I noticed that most people wouldn’t be bothered with your updates. Is it really a great too?

  • http://www.aloeverachangeslives.com/ForeverLivingTraining.html Efstratios Kallintzis

    And yes! I’ve used it sometimes. And it would be a gift for me if there was another button allowing to delete any comments I want from my twitter home page and keep only those comments that is not only “spam” or “over-promotion”, but useful and creative. I don’t use Twitter so much as I have to, although I know and read all the time about the power of this “tool”, because I am so bored to read 10 – 15 posts in a row from the same person about …you know. And in the end I think that the “social” character of Twitter has been transformed in promotional.

  • http://www.zoniesplace.com Julie

    I was following Daughtry and Seacrest, but they must tweet every 5 seconds. Drove me nuts because most of it was just dribble. So I unfollowed them. I liked to read some of their tweets, but when my whole page is theirs then no.

  • Silke

    Some tweet too much. I really don’t care if you’re eating on your deck or that you almost missed the plane. Some also update you like this at least once an hour. It’s pure noise and chances of my missing a tweet I want increases as this noise increases. I’ve even unfollowed those I really admire because of their incessant boring tweets.

  • One Time Guest


  • Guest

    Thanks for this post. I must agree that sometimes I get too many tweets from followers that just send useless blogs. Sometimes it is so often that I think I am one of the teens who constantly text each other about literaly everything. I just started tweeting and someone recommended to me to tweet 1o times a day and once more advertising my business. I have since then cut it back to about 5. I do research and as I read articles like this one here I will share it. I also spend time with my followers and give them stars when I read thier interesting tweets. Hopefully I am on the right track. Now I have about 300 followers and I will focus more on them. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. I should start to unfollow people. Mireya Expressions Gift Co. Giving does buy you happiness.

  • http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com Diana Ennen

    Excellent article. I totally agree. I will usually unfollow those who just tweet to tweet. I also really get annoyed at those who only tweet links … no quality posting … just links … or those who will announce seminars and then every 10 minutes provide a countdown.

    I’m glad some of the comments mentioned about several tweets in a row. Something to watch for, that I didn’t realize was annoying to some.


  • http://www.artworldplus.com AlaskaArtist Dianne Roberson Hendrix

    If you tweets are interesting, informative, or funny. Tweet on! I only get annoyed when tweets are fired rapidly with ads. Twitter is at its best when used as a two way street. Give me info, ask me questions, show me your photos, tell me jokes, & please keep your cloths on n your photos.
    When I tweet n response to another tweet or wanting to share. I feel great. I forced myself to tweet one day to get my ranking up on grader. I felt terrible, never did it again. Be yourself, tweet from your heart and you can tweet all you want!

  • http://www.sebastyne.net Sebastyne

    Did you read my mind? I was just thinking about tweeting about tweeting too much, but I didn’t tweet it because I didn’t think it was the right place.

    I unfollow with 95% certainty anyone who tweets more than 3 tweets at a time or too much in the sense that I get the “not that guy again” -feeling. I don’t want to see the same guy tweeting constantly and taking the attention away from the other people who I follow. I don’t want to scroll down pages after pages to see the other people’s tweets just because this one smuck is taking up all the space. If the tweets aren’t something I’d just DIE without, I’ll unfollow instantly. (I have one or two people who I follow who tweet too much but are too entertaining not to follow.) I even unfollow people who retweet content from other people in an excessive quantities, although I know they would probably retweet my tweets too without being too concerned about the quality. (Someone actually retweeted replies to a conversation he had with someone else, which was just completely useless to everyone else!)

    This even applies to people I have followed because I like their content elsewhere. I might or might not continue to read their content elsewhere, it could be so annoying it turns me off their other content as well, but sure enough they won’t be on my tweet list.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I’m still trying to figure these things out as I use Twitter to market my safety and security web site. Thanks, Chris, for the tips.

  • http://www.ebcworldwide.com Ronnie Sullivan

    Good topic …
    Yeah 2 many tweets are not good ….
    Good post

  • Janet Walker

    Too many tweets can really turn off your followers and you may even get your account suspended by Twitter. You can avoid that with http://bit.ly/14SRaz

  • http://www.keen2learn.co.uk/news/ Alistair Owens

    The genuine targeted content of interest is often overwhelmed by the chattering machine gun fire of rubbish. Perhaps we should be granted 3 Tweets a day and “use them wisely.”


  • http://p45camp.com Robert @ P45campDOTcom

    I unfollow the types of twitterers I describe below. And I do not care who you are. If you spam my pages with crap, you get consigned to the garbage tip where you belong. Celeb or not, A-lister Tweeter or arsehole who can’t write, you get dumped.

    Earlier this year I culled the number of Twitterers I followed to 15 and less. I tried to get as many followers of a certain calibre while only following a handful. It worked. In fact the number of followers I got increased rapidly.

    I cannot stand those people who seemingly spam nothing but quotes from wise men & women. Don’t they know they are an absolute menace to us normal Twitizens and that if we really wanted to read some wiseman’s words, we’d hop over to the Quote Garden for a top-up on wisdom!?

    I don’t want their rubbish Tweets, I want good (albeit only 140 characters long) content from which I can begin to learn or build an interest in. I do not want to see a page filled with one person’s avatar and his 100s of posts. Yes, men seem to be the worst ‘quotes’ tweeters.

    If you are so vain and so desperate to be heard but have nothing of interest to Tweet about, my advice to you is to say nothing. It’s best to not twitter and so prevent confirming that you really are the moron we think you are.

    Then there is the RT and #hastag tweeter who RT everything posted by the world, its wife and dog in an effort to let us see how ‘clever’ and onvibe they are. You can guess where these types go, yes you are correct – to the garbage dump. And this type of tweeter also adds hashtags to whatever name or adjective takes their miopic fancy. Talk about a lot of noise to digest – Phew! Data overloaders do my head in!

    But what about the Twittering celebrity who is addicted and spends all day posting tweets in reply to his/her followers?

    All we get to see is a onesided response multiplied 1,000fold throughout the day. I am shocked at how these so called celebs find the time in their ‘ever so hectic’ schedules to tweet as much as they do.

    But as I have said since 2007, Twittering will peak and fade. In fact I reckon it already is losing its gloss despite the journo’s trying to trump the next headline about it.

    How many abandonded tweeter accounts are there out there?

    • Emma

      Loved the article! My kind of humour…and it’s so true! Spammers can often take up the whole of your twitter page, get rid!

    • http://threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

      I’ve seen software out there for checking individual users, such as “last active” etc… I wonder if one of these bright folks at webpronews could tweak it to come up with some mass stats?

      Just a thought! lol :D

  • http://www.andrewmolobetsi.com/wordpress/ Guest

    I have only 12 followers so far, and I like to tweet only when there’s something important to tweet about.

    Tweeting about products does annoy most Tweeter readers and should be limited to your website. Isn’t that what websites are for?

    Yes, tweeting every 10 seconds is also very annoying. If you want people to know what you had for dinner last night, why not send them a text message by phone instead of telling the whole uninterested Tweeter community about it.?

    But if Christiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid got the nod, by all means, tweet about it, man.

    And tweet only once, and we’ll know you got the early worm. Tweet too much then you gonna drop dead with hunger after you drop the worm from your tweetie-ful tweeter.

  • http://homebusinesshints.com Chuck Anthony

    Regarding the excessive tweets, yes, I have to say that I’ve unfollowed. By the same token, I’d be very tolerant if I’m decidedly interested in the subject matter. Case in point; Kogi BBQ–You guys have probably heard the story about what Newsweek magazine dubbed the 1st viral restaurant… Let’s say I get a craving for one of their now famous tacos. Well, in that case, I really don’t mind a generous portion of updates because I just might be interested in what’s on special.

  • http://www.bestsunglasses.us best sunglasses

    Joined twitter last week and am still trying to figure it out – not sure waht all the hype is about

  • http://www.nortad.com Toronto Classifieds

    It all boils down to striking that quantity vs quality balance.If a party tweets too much then their tweets are likely to lose quality and consequently not to be taken seriously.They may not be unfollowed,but likely turn unheard.

  • http://naijatechguide.blogspot.com passyjango

    Yes I unfollow twitters with too many tweets. I hate to log in to my twitter account only to find out that all updates on the front page came from the same twitter.

    Excessive twitters prevent readers from easily reading other twitter updates, their aim is to push other updates down so that only their tweets will be visible on the first page, preventing followers from reading other updates some of which may be more interesting than theirs.

    Of course, you can click on the more button to view more tweets, but how many twitters will actually do that?

    Excessive tweeting is like nagging. Nag too much and I stop listening (following).

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