Debuts Humongous News Search

    August 8, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The News Search now covers news and blog results going back a year, and provides a capital way of searching through that index. VP of Sales and Marketing Chris Tolles couldn’t help but take a little swipe at another news search site when he announced the changes.

“You can’t get this across the street,” he said of the year-deep news and blog index maintained by

The new version of their news search goes back farther, and even if Tolles may be tweaking the competition, the interactive histogram, or click-o-gram, they offer for defining a time range for news results looks somewhat familiar.

Tolles also noted that Topix now offers a case-sensitive search, and provided a quick overview of how that will work for searchers:

Also, if you want to search for what it takes on the SAT on the way to MIT for a gig in IT, you’re going to love the case-sensitive search. Try bush -Bush to search for shrubs but not George W. (The case folding rules are: all lowercase matches anything, capitalized matches capitalized or all caps, and all caps matches only all caps.)

The launch of the new service coincided with the opening of the Search Engine Strategies conference. As Tolles wrote yesterday, it was not a coincidence:

In a bit of self imposed deadline, we wanted our new news search to go live by, well, today. Search Engine Strategies, San Jose starts today, and I’m on a panel August 8th about the news and blog search engines. (Come on by and say “hi” if you’re down there) We wanted to throw down so we had something to say at the show, and this is it.


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