Top 10 Tips to Increase Conference Attendance

    May 22, 2003

1. Persistent, automatic emails to inform, educate, sample and entertain potential attendees – recommend two per week starting 3 months before registration cut off.

2. PR – Spread the news about your event anywhere and everywhere – local publications, national publications, members publications, trade publications, personal newsletters, etc.

3. Viral marketing – Ask potential attendees to send in 5 people and contact information who they think would be interested in attending and ask them to send out the soliciting email to two others not included in the 5.

4. Use a hook. Offer a free report, e.g. “How to gain more out of your conference attendance,” or “Top 10 ways to budget for your conference attendance.”

5. Planned downtime at unexpected hours, e. g. a three hour lunch break.

6. Have a reception, coffee or informal gathering with the speakers after their presentation and after their book signings.

7. Have a pre-conference contest with the winner to be announced at the conference.

8. Open mic night for – entertainment or to address management in an open microphone setting.

9. Give away at random, gift certificates for the purchase of anything at conference: meals, merchandise, speaker’s books and tapes, room service, amenities, etc.

10. Tell attendees to send in their photograph to be included next to their contact information in the attendee list.

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