Top Five Blackberry Storm Reviews

    November 28, 2008
    Chris Crum

The new BlackBerry storm mobile device hit store shelves on Friday and sold over 100,000 units over the weekend according to InformationWeek. Not all of us are so eager to plop down our hard earned money without getting to know a device a little better though. Thankfully, there are plenty of people to review it and give us walkthroughs of the device’s capabilities, five of which are the subjects of this article.

1. From

Let’s start off with the longest and most informative review of them all. If you don’t have a half hour to kill, you can skip this video, but if you’re really considering purchasing a Blackberry Storm, you’ll probably want to watch this one. You might even enjoy it if you have already purchased one, as it is a nice guide discussing all of the features and functions of the device.

The narrator talks about the comfort of the device as it fits in the hand. It’s got small dimensions, yet a good size screen. It’s not too heavy, yet it’s nice and solid. He also discusses the excellent battery life , memory, and auto-focus camera among many other things. He also compares it to the Blackberry Bold.

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If you don’t have a half hour to kill, and you’d rather cut to the chase, this next one and the rest of them combined are still not as long as the first one, but none of these are quite as informative, although they are still useful themselves.

This guy talks a bit about the reception from the service and says he hears no white noise, and people on the other end hear no background noise. He notes that the speaker volume is the loudest he’s ever heard. He says the email functionality is fantastic, and nothing (even the iPhone) comes close in that regard.

He calls the operating system fantastic and elegant, and talks about how the device can seamlessly switch networks. Overall, he says he’s happy with the Blackberry Storm, and would give it a 3 out of 5, but says it has the potential to be greater, once some kinks (which he discusses in the video) are worked out. He finds the touch screen a bit "squirrelly."

3. From

This review was done during the first day of owning the device. The reviewer in this video breaks down some pros including the browser, which he describes as the "best Blackberry browser yet," and the "beautiful display," as well as great 3G data and email.

He also throws in some cons like the touchscreen, which he says may limit typing speed, and a lack of wifi. He also says it’s bulkier and heavier than other touch phones. Overall, he says to try it before you buy it.

4. From:

Despite the criticism of the touchscreen by the previous two reviewers, this guy seems to really enjoy it. He notes that unlike the iPhone, it’s clickable and has a nice scrolling ability. It won’t do anything until you click on it, and you can easily use your thumbs when you’re typing.

He also plays up the email angle, saying how good that is. He shows a lot of good shots of the devices screen, and gives a nice little tour of some of the devices features. He notes that it has a good screen for video and a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash that takes video.

Overall he says its good, with a great interface, and a great touchscreen.

5. From

The woman in the last review says she had some pretty high expectations for the Blackberry storm, and that in the end it lived up to them. She talks about the clickable interface as well, calling it "handy for navigation" and noting how it cuts down on errors when typing.

She also plays up the email aspect and the browser, which "looks great", and has good zooming capability.

She looks at some other things like video, Google Maps and Flickr on the device before the review is over. She also notes that it is good for music, as it syncs with iTunes.

Watching these reviews, I have to say that not only do the reviewers seem to think it’s a pretty good device, it’s really making me want to get one myself. I believe this is going to be a popular device as time goes on and more people have a chance to purchase one. Despite a few minor complaints by some (which are pretty much countered by others), it looks pretty awesome.