Top Brands In ’05; Trump, Youre Fired

    December 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google, Oprah, hybrid cars are in; Britney, reality shows, and SUVs are out, according to the 2005 ImagePower Newsmaker Brands Survey that identifies which high-profile brands came out on top in consumers’ minds, which brands suffered this past year.

Apples iPod and everything associated with it topped the list of winning brands, adding a powerful punch to a list already dominated by Internet and technology, says Landor Associates and Penn, Schoen & Berlan, who conducted the survey.

Among the top 10 brands with the broadest appeal to the American consumer were Google, eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo, giving all things web and tech half of that short list. In the top 20 were DVR, Xbox 360, and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

SIRIUS’ $500 million boost couldn’t help Howard Stern’s positive appeal among consumers however. Stern joins the list of this year’s “losers” along with Britney Spears and Donald Trump.

Billionaire Trump made the losers’ list because the television audience is “turning away from confrontational reality shows like Survivor’ and The Apprentice,'” and looking more toward TV dramas like Las Vegas’ and Lost,’ says Michael Berland, CEO of Penn, Shoen & Berland. “People are in a mood to have fun,” he said.

“2005 has been a very interesting year – we’re seeing a new sense of optimism in the winning brands. People see themselves in the brands they choose, and this year technology brands have prevailed, with iPod and Google topping the list, and Xbox coming on strong,’ said Berland.

Positive buzz is also surrounding Oprah Winfrey because of her giveaways, book club, magazine and various successful extensions of her brand.

As one might imagine, high gas prices and environmental sensitivities have led to a bad consumer view on sport utility vehicles, while placing hybrid cars higher on the pedestal. The Ford Escape hybrid made the winners list and the Hummer ranked 6th on the losers list.