Top Blogs’ Favorite Platforms Identified

WordPress easily wins

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Whether a given blogger takes pride in being a weirdo or feels safer as part of a crowd, a new report will help him (or her) sort out exactly where he (or she) stands.  Pingdom staffers took a close look at which platforms are most common among the most popular blogs.

WordPress grabbed first place with no problem, with 27 out of the top 100 blogs (as ranked by Technorati) using it.  The platform’s fans range from big corporations like the New York Times to individuals such as Chris Brogan.

Then came TypePad, with 16 followers, Blogsmith with 14, and Movable Type with 12.  There are some pretty impressive names to be found on their sections of a user list, as well.  (Think Wired properties, Autoblog, and Boing Boing, respectively.)

We’ll skip down to Blogger next.  It seems like a bit of a defeat for Google to find it in ninth place, being used by only three out of the top 100 blogs.  Worse still: one of those three blogs is the Official Google Blog, landing the platform in "my mom thinks I’m handsome" territory.

Ah, well.  Hats off to the Royal Pingdom crew for the research they did, and good luck with the transfer if you decide to choose a new blog platform for yourself or your company.

Top Blogs’ Favorite Platforms Identified
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  • http://builtwith.com Gary

    Hi Doug,

    Your blog readers might be interested in more stats like this at http://trends.builtwith.com


  • http://www.nupokuren.dk/Nupo-Produkter/Nupo-Slankeprodukter.aspx Salg af Nupo

    Any statistics on the server platform (Apache, Microsoft etc.)?

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    Surprising to find blogger doing so badly, but i don’t think it has anything to do with the platform popularity. It’s just that people on technorati like blogs that actually happened to be using WordPress.


  • http://www.crystalimagesusa.com Oscar

    Great information to consider. I am relativly new to blogging and this give me something to think about as I am planning to write blogs to promote my business.

  • http://www.digitalwebtalk.com Digitalwebtalk

    I have tried many platforms like blogger, wordpress, typepad, movable type etc. but wordpress certainly rules this segment!!!

    Its the undisputed winner.

    Microsoft has released oxite (http://www.digitalwebtalk.com/web-news/microsoft-oxite-is-here.html) . lets wait to see how it pans out!

  • http://www.curesforgout.net Cures For Gout

    I’m afraid it’s too late to convert me to anything else other than WordPress. It’s power and flexibility as a CMS is fantastic and I have some superb rankings because of it.

    A couple of my sites which do not look like blogs incidentally (that’s part of the key):


  • http://www.nupoguiden.dk Nupo Kuren

    WordPress is a really good blogging platform, I use it on more than 40 blogs.

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