Peer Review – Marketing Needs Work

    July 2, 2003

The initial format is fine, but I found the marketing aspects of the site lacking.

First and foremost there is no visual to provide focus for the site, no focus about what the site is about. I am left with the initial assumption that it is power tools, just because of the names of the manufacturers. There needs to be some meaningful copy “Power tools from all the best manufactures at the best prices, in stock!” or something that tells the visitor what they are really about. Tools can be a huge category, machine tools, hand tools, construction tools, tools for home use, who is their customer base, the target market?

The top copy is about the physical stores, if the site is a promo for the physical stores (which would be a waste of a valuable selling opportunity) then put a photo of one of the stores up with pictures of employees or service personnel. If it is to sell, then put the physical store info on a separate page with a sidebar link to it. Use that space for the specials and for photos and links to product.

The “Category” list is bizarre. First of all what is category? They are products not categories. Then I need to go down eight items before I actually reach a real product listing that I can buy! Then that item is Safety equipment, which I suspect is a niche item for them. Based on the manufacturer logos plastered all over the site I suspect that it should be broken into links to Cordless tools, Power tools, bench tools, etc. Then separate out the other links to careers, help, etc

This site has a good foundation, it just needs to be more focused on the task at hand – selling! The top bar is well done, concise and clean.

Good luck!

Stan Orlaski
The Felt Source – Bible Stories and Educational Tools in Felt!

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