10 Tips to Beat Shoplifters

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Studies have shown that, in the United States, as many as one in twelve customers is a shoplifter, and that shoplifters commit an average of 50 thefts before being caught. That’s if they are caught at all; it’s estimated that only 10-15% are apprehended.

There are vast numbers of tips circulating regarding how to deter shoplifting. With over 20 years’ experience as a shoplifter, I know which are effective, and which are a waste of time. Here are a few battle-tested and inexpensive things you can do to minimize shoplifting in your store.

1. FIX YOUR FIXTURES In most cases, shoplifters require privacy in order to conceal merchandise. This is especially true with small specialty shops that the arrangement of the fixtures creates many areas for the shoplifter to be hidden from sight.

Determine where your staff spends the majority of their time. For many small stores this is near the cash register. For others, it might be near the phone, or the office.

Arrange you fixtures with the goal of minimizing “blind spots” on the sales floor. From their usual vantage point, your staff should be able to look down almost every aisle.

Once you have maximized visibility by arranging fixtures, consider installing a large convex mirror to view any unavoidable hiding places.

Next time you are in a convenience store, take note of the layout. Most allow direct visibility of the sales floor to a lone clerk, and mirrors expose the remaining areas.

2. ALTERNATE CLOTHING HANGER DIRECTIONS One way shoplifters can steal a tremendous amount of clothing is to quickly grab as much clothing from a display as they can carry, and run out of the store into a waiting car, before your staff can react.

A simple way to thwart this is to alternate the direction of each hanger on the display, especially on those near the store exit. This makes it impossible to take an entire armful of clothing off of a circular rack at once, and makes it difficult on a tree rack. Make it part of the opening or closing duties to have an employee “Set the Hangers”.

3.REQUIRE A RECEIPT FOR ALL RETURNS Many shoplifters steal with the express intent of returning the merchandise to the store, the same or another branch, for a cash refund.

This can be addressed by requiring a purchase receipt for all returns. This creates some conflict, however, with the interest in delivering quality customer service.

A compromise policy is to require a receipt for cash refunds and general store credits, and to allow same-item-only exchanges without one. This way, the legitimate customer with a defective product, or with the wrong size or color, is accommodated, but the thief is not.

4.LOCK UP SHOPLIFTER-ATTRACTIVE MERCHANDISE As a general rule, the smaller and more valuable an item is, the more attractive it is to a shoplifter; particularly to those who steal with intent to either sell the merchandise themselves, or return it for a refund.

Keep small, expensive items behind the counter or locked in a display case. If the display case has a lock, lock it; do not assume that the case alone will dissuade a shoplifter. Legitimate customers will understand this as a necessary evil and won’t object, shoplifters will go elsewhere.

5.BE SMART ABOUT E.A.S. TAG PLACEMENT Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a system in which merchandise has a small “tag” affixed to it which is either removed or deactivated when the item is purchased. If not removed or deactivated, it triggers an alarm as it passes sensors near the store exit

EAS systems are expensive, but fairly effective. If you have one in place, affix your alarm tags carefully. Hide the tags beneath seams and labels, or on an internal page of books and magazines.

If you can’t hide the tag, try to make it less noticeable by aligning it with physical aspects of, or the graphic design on the packaging.

Consider placing two tags on the merchandise: one obvious,and one not so obvious. The shoplifter may remove the obvious tag and not notice the other one, thus setting off the alarm.

Guerrilla Loss Prevention Tip: Even if you don’t have a EAS system, consider buying some tags anyway. There are suppliers who sell recycled tags inexpensively. Shoplifters will recognize the tags, but since they don’t see any sensor gates at the exit, they may think you are using a new system that they aren’t yet aware of. It might just be enough to deter the theft.

6.MONITOR YOUR FITTING ROOMS Do not let customers enter and exit your fitting rooms without encountering your staff. A fitting room is an ideal place to conceal merchandise: if shoplifters can get merchandise into the fitting room, they have complete privacy, and even a mirror to gauge how nicely the merchandise is concealed.

A favorite shoplifting method is to place several items of clothing on a single hanger. This relies upon the inattentive employee counting the number of hangers, not the number of clothing items. Or worse, barely lifting their eyes as they ask “How many?”

Shoplifters then enter the fitting room and conceal the extra merchandise brought in on the single hanger. Generally, it will be extra clothing brought into fitting rooms, but I have brought 35mm cameras in with a pair of jeans draped over my arm (and the camers).

Make sure your fitting rooms do not have anyplace to discard labels and pricetags.

7.SIGNAGE Posting the correct signs around your store can deter many shoplifters, even (possibly especially) experienced shoplifters.

Guerrilla Loss Prevention Tip: Shoplifters are dishonest people, so don’t feel guilty about stretching the truth a little on your signage, for effect. For example, you might post the classic sign that says simply, “Smile,You’re on Candid Camera”, whether you use cameras or not.

Or a sign with changeable numerals on J-hooks that says “## Shoplifters Prosecuted This Year. Are you next?” Be creative. All the retail greats were creative people. And remember your primary goal is to coerce shoplifters into taking their craft elsewhere.

8.CAMERA DOMES A recent study has showed that closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are now the most feared anti-shoplifting device. Perhaps this is due to cameras being mentioned so often in the nightly news.

Whatever the reason, shoplifters don’t like them. CCTV systems can be costly. But as with signage, if shoplifters can be deceptive, why can’t you?

Guerrilla Loss Prevention Tip: The smoke-colored dome housings used to mount CCTV are fairly inexpensive. Buy several, and place a lot of them in the ceiling tiles all around your store.

Smart shoplifters know that not every dome has a camera inside. But then the question in the shoplifters mind is, “Am I standing under one that does have a camera in it?” This is extremely effective. To see it in action, next time you visit a Wal-Mart, look up.

You don’t have to prove you have any cameras at all in order to deter theft, all you have to do is make the shoplifter think you have cameras!

9.PROSECUTE ALL THIEVES Call the police on every shoplifter you catch. No exceptions.

In the shoplifters’ minds, if you don’t call the police, they win, and they will continue to hit your store over and over.

Do not release juvenile shoplifters to their parents; prosecute them. The only time I was ever caught, I was thirteen years old. The police were not called, and I continued shoplifting another 15 years –including from the store in which I was caught.

Prosecute all thieves. Period.

10. EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE This is, far and away, the single most effective thing you can do to deter shoplifting. By knowing where your customers are, offering your assistance, and anticipating their needs, you will virtually eliminate shoplifting. An alert employee is your most effective weapons against thieves who thrive on anonymity.

Isn’t it strange how virtually everything about successful retailing eventually comes around to quality customer service?

Mike Delaney has over 20 years’ experience as a shoplifter,
and nearly 10 years’ experience in retail loss prevention.
He is offering a limited number of retailers a pre-
publication version of his book “It Takes a Thief: How to
Beat Shoplifters and Increase Profit” in exchange for
editorial feedback. Interested? Contact him at

10 Tips to Beat Shoplifters
About Mike Delaney
Mike Delaney has over 20 years' experience as a shoplifter, and nearly 10 years' experience in retail loss prevention. He is offering a limited number of retailers a pre- publication version of his book "It Takes a Thief: How to Beat Shoplifters and Increase Profit" in exchange for editorial feedback. Interested? Contact him at mailto:delaneybookreview@y... WebProNews Writer
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  • Guest

    haha bitch

  • Guest

    One of the major things you leave out is,actually the most important.


    If you put something in a purse,pocket or otherwise hide it, in Ca. It’s theft.

    If you walk out with a jacket you put on over clothing,it’s a mistake.

    The proscuetors wont touch a shoplifting case unless there is concelment.So walk out carrying the item,whoops,sorry!!No arrest ever!

    • Guest

      Unforunatly that isn’t true in Indiana. They only have to prove U tried to leave without paying.

      • Local LP

        In pennsylvania you do not have to even leave the store. Concealment is enough for arrest. If you innocently put that camera in your purse even if you have the intention of paying for it – If the lp are feeling bored…. they’ll pick you up, and you will be prosecuted. It’s also a cumulative offense. 3 strikes a felony regardless of dollar amount.

        Everyone will get caught one day. No matter how innocent you look eventually someone will watch you out of boredom.

  • Guest

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  • amandaaaaa

    omg people are so fucking stupid. i’ll go into marshall’s twice a day and steal tons of ed hardy shit. and i’m not poor at all. i actually can afford it but it saves me 80 bucks. people who bitch about shoplifters are just jealous that they don’t have the balls to do it.

    let’s face it, we’re saving money and you’re not. i’ve been shoplifting for 4 years. i’ve stolen ipods & digital cameras from target. and designer clothes from very expensive places.

    i’ve got caught one fucking time. you know what i stole? clip in hair extensions. lmao. and all that bitch did was ask for it back.

    i’ve stolen over 3,000 dollars in goods. i got so good i’d make a profit. my friends would pay me to go and get them shit.

    so thanks but shoplifting is pretty damn amazing. :]

    thanks <3

    • Maria!

      How do you do that!?? All I can take is clothes, PLEASEEE EXPLAINNNN =]

    • help

      Digital cameras really, that is like my goal. How do you do that? I’m so jealous. I’m a very very good shoplifter, but obviously not as good as you. Teach me your ways!

  • Guest

    all the things i’ve shoplifted add up to over three hundred and i shoplift wvery day by going to blind spots so fuck all you shoplifter haters

  • Andy

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  • Guest

    idiot. doesn’t this mike guy realize that SHOPLIFTERS themselves are reading this shit and are going, “oh alright..thats pretty nice to know what NOT to do..”
    good advice, man.

  • Guest

    so u are congradulating him on maiing money off shoplifting by first sholifting tons of shit, and then by selling a book and makign mOre money with his lead credential as “15+ years shoplifting experience”

    • Shoplifter98

      Maybe we should shoplift the damn book and learn counter-tricks for better shoplifting.

      • Guest

        Note to self. Steal this idiots book. He himself is trying to make a few pennies lol out of us.
        Keep in mind people, most items you purchase have insane markups. Rule of thumb, for every item you purchase, get two more items. That evens the game a bit.

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  • Guest

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  • Jay

    Shoplifting at some retails stores is incredibly easy depending on a few factors. The number one thing that you look for are untagged, easy to take items that are located in areas of the store that are somewhat hidden. Small things are obviously the easiest. I primarily steal parts from auto parts stores and other places like Home depot where small parts (such as drill bit heads, headlamp bulbs, sprinkler heads, etc) are valuable and easy to take. Items located in paper packaging are the easiest, when you can simply open them up.

    The second thing you look for is people. Make sure that no one is around, not even random people, because they could be ‘spotters’ for the store. Take items and walk as if you are browsing for more things, and casually slip them into pockets/jacket/purse. Never have a stressed or nervous look on your face. Be natural to anyone you see, and in case you get caught red-handed, literally, be ready to put an item down as if you didn’t want it and were too lazy to put it back in its original place.

    Some tips: Always have some money in case you get caught. Be willing to pay for what you have and tell them you were just holding them until you were done shopping. This way, it looks like an accident rather than a criminal intent. Just hope you have enough!
    Also, it’s best to shoplift at the same time you buy something, even if its small. That way, your chances of being caught are much less because you are still paying for something.
    One last thing: Feel NO sympathy when shopifting from big businesses or retail stores. Most of the money goes to rich executives anyway. Treat it is justice for all of the suffering that the corrupt government (backed by the country’s abundance of corporate greed) has caused you.
    Good luck!

    • Guest

      U ROCK, Live long and prosper, I love people that actually use there brain

    • Local LP

      Don’t feel bad when stealing from big chains? You think that when they experience loss that it comes out of an executives pocket? No way. So when you steal you are taking money that was meant to pay for extra health care for the mother of four, or the raise for the woman who is finally going to buy herself some new underwear. You are scum. Rationalize your guilt by thinking you are only taking money from a rich executive. The company doesn’t downsize the triple digit paycheck… They cut my co-worker’s hours down to nothing when all they are trying to do is put food in their children’s mouth and your stealing that t-shirt is $20 less the company will add to the raise budget.

      Idiot. People like you make me sick. Get a job and pay for things you want.

      • Guest

        You sir, have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. Let me guess you also tell homeless to get a job, well guess what fuck face, IT IS NOT EASY TO GET MONEY. You drive to work in your SUV and all you think about is “Me, me, me”. Well your exactly the kind of person we need to rid from america. So go fuck some sand paper!

      • tupac

        No wonder retards like you work for minimum wage at wal mart. You say executives get “triple digit” paychecks like thats some huge number. thats 999$ maxiumum…..

        • bulldog

          I’d rather be a “retard” making minimum wage at Walmart then a worthless, lazy, 2-bit hack like yourself. Get a job and do something with yourself. Personally, I’d rather see you rot in prison than harassing honest, hard-working individuals who choose to take personal responsibility unlike yourself.

      • Fairshopper

        Oh so dramatic. The truth is that when a person lifts something from a retailer, they’re taking pennies. When you pay $40 – $100 for a pair of jeans, you’re the dumbass getting robbed! Clothing items have insane mark ups. If you pay $40, $35 is gross profit! Now, if you happen to take that lil item, the chain’s cost is next to nothing. $5. Go ahead Einstein do the math, who’s actually getting robbed when you buy items from big retailers? If you buy an item, you should take another one free. That way it becomes more fair for the consumer. If you pay $40 for a pair of jeans, and shoplift a second pair. Now you paid $20 per pair. Check this out, the retailer STILL MADE GOOD $30 on the sale. So, stop the BS cry that people who take lil five dollar items marked as 50 dollar items are ruining your mother’s healthcare plan and raise, and leaving your three other sibblings hungry. That’s a pile of shit. LOL.

        • owner

          OK, you are obviously amoral and a thief, but try not to be stupid. You think retailers are getting rich on their markup? Most small retailers price at double what they paid for the goods. So something that is priced at $100 only cost the retailer $50..so they “made” $50, right? Getting rich on your money, right? Well you fool, out of that $50 the retailer then has to pay rent/payment on bldg, wages, taxes, freight, store supplies, utilities, employee benefits, cleaning fees, advertising, etc. etc. If they are LUCKY they keep $1-$5 of that $100 for their investment and work. Because unlike you, taking something for free, they are working and trying to provide a service and jobs for others. If it is so easy to get rich running a retail store why aren’t you doing it?

      • JinX

        You have submitted to a SLAVE mentality

        Open your mind to the possibility you may be wrong, or perhaps not well educated about how the world operates. Ask why the Federal Reserve Banking system isn’t taught in public schools. Money is one of the most important things in life, after love and family, & i bet you have no idea about where your tax money goes. (most goes to private banking cartels). 95% of the wealth of the world is owned and controlled by less than 1% of the population. you should stop working so hard and educate yourself and become informed about the world you live in. learn how the World Bank works, how most money is created from debt, and how you became a slave as soon as you got your Social Security Number and started to pay TAX. i suggest watching Zeitgeist 1 & 2 to wake up from the foggy sleep you are in. I sincerely hope you can get past your anger due to my possibly insulting tone and actually become an informed critical thinker rather than just using cliche mantras like “Work hard”.

        JinX, The Best Booster.

  • HardcoreMaxocist

    if i got caught by you, id probably just laugh or lay your punk ass out=]

  • Guest

    I get off on shoplifting like U get off on tears. The only difference is I live by my rules not someone else’s. I am sick of getting the shaft. I don’t think I should have less than anyone else simply because I haven’t had the luck or privileges they did. I lost my job. As a side effect, now my credit sucks and I have lost much. NO-one is bailing me out. Retail markup is at 80-90%. I have been working for 34 years and trying 2 do the right thing. It got me no bail-out. U keep gettin off on peoples tears. I will keep fighting the system. I bet U are perfect. U have probably never done anything wrong. I can’t stand self righteous hypocrites.

    • paul

      Your such a dumbass

  • Guest

    I get off on shoplifting
    I get off on shoplifting like U get off on tears. The only difference is I live by my rules not someone else’s. I am sick of getting the shaft. I don’t think I should have less than anyone else simply because I haven’t had the luck or privileges they did. I lost my job. As a side effect, now my credit sucks and I have lost much. NO-one is bailing me out. Retail markup is at 80-90%. I have been working for 34 years and trying 2 do the right thing. It got me no bail-out. U keep gettin off on peoples tears. I will keep fighting the system. I bet U are perfect. U have probably never done anything wrong. I can’t stand self righteous hypocrites

    • JinX

      post me your email here…

  • Guest

    Enjoy your power trip. Your not smart enough 2 catch me. Your a trained monkey that has probably never had an original thought.

  • Guest

    I would love 2 find out where he lives and go steal everything that fucking hypocrat has. Then I want 2 write a book on how I did it. Mike Delaney is the piece of trash here.

  • shopliftaholic

    I’ve stolen $1,000 dresses from Lord & Taylor in Manhattan due to the employee’s laziness of forgetting to put on censor tags! Pure lush! How awesome it is to be a shoplifter! ;-)

  • Guest

    try me. i know what u stor clerks are lookin for in shoplifters, and i can prevent that. ive stolen from almost evry store out there, and only got caught once.WANNA KNO WAT HAPPENEND, the employee saw me open a red bull outside of the store, askedd me if i stole it(i said no obviosly) and said he used to steal and even let me keep it. now i still steal from that store and the emploee always says hi to me…

  • Guest

    i came on this site because i was feeling really guilty from stealing like 2 books from borders (why should you have to pay 17 bucks for a book you only read once) and i lied to my mom about it.. told her i borrowed it from a friend. so yeah i was feeling guilty.. i have been secretly shoplifting for 2 years and have never been caught. what happens if you are caught??

    oh and anyways i just stole like makeup n books. i have no idea how to take clothes! anyways i was trying to stop but i LOVE the thrill and reward of a “free gift”

  • Guest

    I have a story that I cannot help but share. My girlfriend manages a retail store downtown that has lots of nooks and crannies and hiding places. The have EVERYTHING tagged and are famous with the police for busting anywhere from 3 to 7 shoplifters a week. Anyway, a bunch “Frat boys” (this is a college town) came into the store as a group and I’m sure that the guy doing the stealing was a “new pledge” and this was part of his “rite of passage” to shoplift in the store. Anyway, they all buy something small and start leaving, when the door alarms on the “new pledge” guy. My friend searches his bag, finds nothing, lets him go and he alarms again! She had him walk thru two more time and got a hit every time. Finally they made him empty his pockets. He had about $40.00 worth of sunglasses and gloves in his pants. I’m standing in front of the door in case he tries to run. He tries the old adage of “I forgot all about this, here I’ll pay for it…”. I could not help myself at this point and pipe in with “That’s what they all say…”. My girl says “Call the cops” and this guy starts crying, a 20 something year old “pretty boy” with mama’s AMEX card starts bawling! I couldn’t help myself at this point; I start laughing so damned hard that I’m about to pee myself. Then this fellow gets down on his knees in front of one of the female employees (just like in the S & M movies, oh for a camera when I need one…) and begins to BEG! She is a very upfront lesbian and I’m SURE it was all she could do to keep from laughing with me, and I bet she was having an awesome time watching a “little man” kneel in front of her. He was even prostrating himself begging, like in some religious rite. Too bad, the cops showed up and cuffed him. Then he starts asking the cop the standard “What’s going to happen to me??” routine and the cop of course tells him that this is all between him and the judge and “I’m just here to take you away…”. Meanwhile I am laughing so damned hard that my girl tells me that maybe I need to go outside until I regain my compusure. I still couldn’t stop laughing, two cigarettes later! I even had the cops going. It’s always great to spread some cheer.

    Every shoplifter I have ever seen busted in that store (as I said 3-7 every week) did the same routine in one way or another. Face it all of you theives know it’s wrong before you do it, get some therapy before the cops get you! If the do nail you, just remember that tears will always bring laughter.

    • Guest

      You’re pretty stupid if you found that scenario humorous. What a lame story.

    • JinX

      In that situation, they are “Fishing” if you walk through an alarm gate and it beeps, ask “Am I under arrest” when they ask you to walk through again, and if they say No (this happens 99% of the time btw) then say “then I am leaving” and WALK away DO NOT RUN! If they say “Yes, you are under arrest.” notice if they inform you of your rights or not, then SAY NOTHING! and wait for police. chances you will be convicted if you follow this is ZERO. note i said CONVICTED, not ARRESTED.

      JinX, The Best Booster.

  • Joyous Shoplifter

    You’re talking a bunch of wanna be a tough guy none sense.
    Many big retailers make themselves inviting shoplifting places. You can’t do a darn thing if the fitting room is not checked by an employee. You can not catch me if you did not see me or there will be a major lawsuit. You know it, You can’t catch me even if you see me if I go pee. LOL.
    I’m an informed shoplifter. The shoplifters that get caught are somewhat dumb or drugged up.
    An average joe shop lifter with no mental disorder just shop lifting to save some pennies, will not conceal items in the open. Take it to a fitting room, restroom! Not in the open. You catch the ones who put new sneakers/shoes on and try to leave without realizing you were watching them. Don’t tell me you can catch me, i’d use the fitting rooms, restroom. If all else fails, when you say excuse me sir, stop please, i’ll be two blocks away. LOL. By the time the police arrives, i’ll be home, trying on my new items.

  • bulldog

    I find it amazing how many people want something for nothing. When did we as a country get the mentality that we are entitled to everything. The same people that shoplift and claim that the retailers deserve it are usually the same people who go crazy if they are over charged for an item. Other comments like “It’s not easy to get money” show the laziness of the majority of people who steal. I work two jobs as does my wife. If we can’t afford something we don’t get it. A novel concept i know…..

    • Guest

      Open your mind to the possibility you may be wrong, or perhaps not well educated about how the world operates. Ask why the Federal Reserve Banking system isn’t taught in public schools. Money is one of the most important things in life, after love and family, & i bet you have no idea about where your tax money goes. (most goes to private banking cartels). 95% of the wealth of the world is owned and controlled by less than 1% of the population. you should stop working so hard and educate yourself and become informed about the world you live in. learn how the World Bank works, how most money is created from debt, and how you became a slave as soon as you got your Social Security Number and started to pay TAX. i suggest watching Zeitgeist 1 & 2 to wake up from the foggy sleep you are in. I sincerely hope you can get past your anger due to my possibly insulting tone and actually become an informed critical thinker rather than just using cliche mantras like “Work hard”.

      JinX, The Best Booster.

  • Guest

    Wow. Selling out your own to plug your stupid book. Low. You know what snitches get, right?

  • Eat my shoplifting dick.

    Yeah, fuck you. I’m still gonna do it. :] THANKS!

  • A shoplifter.

    I don’t shoplift because I think it’s cool, or I want to. I shoplift because I need to. I don’t get the necessities at home, my parent’s don’t give a shit. I have to steal to put clothes on my back. It’s terrible. I hate doing it..but I have to. I have no money. I wish there was another way..but there isn’t. :[

  • Guest

    “Isn’t it strange how virtually everything about successful retailing eventually comes around to quality customer service?” and employees account for about 1/2 of “inventory shrinkage”. Yet in ALL the articles, blogs, posts, and manuals on Loss Prevention that i have read, NEVER is it mentioned to treat your employees with respect, to apreciate them, to pay them a DECENT WAGE, and offer benefits. Companies view and treat their staff like SLAVES, and expect them to be loyal, SUPRISE! We aren’t gonna take it, and we are gonna REVOLT, by the nickle and dime! 95% of the wealth of the world is owned and controlled by less than 1% of the population. Capitalism has to be exterminated ASAP!

    JinX. The Best Booster.

  • The Gingerbread Man

    Sorry to be the one to tell you but, … well .. you are a SLAVE, you are like a guard dog, except your owners HATE dogs, and as soon as they have no use for you, they are gonna “put you down”. You should research The Georgia Guide Stones. Maybe watch Zeitgeist 1 & 2. Maybe wake up.

    Anyways, good luck.


  • Guest/klepto

    You suck FAGGOT,”PIG WANT2B) it’s never going to stop unless they start cutting our hands off like they do in the Middle East….LOL

  • Guest

    how you can say shiplifters are dishonest people! if you were shoplifting for twenty years you should know its not true~
    shoplifting from big corporate supermarket chains, that screw their workers and destroy all the local shops around is the best thing one can do.

  • Mike delaney is a faggot.

    Mike Delaney is a faggot. Period.

  • hin

    Congratulations you explain what you use to do in stores

    fuck your mother

  • TheCandyMan

    LMAO Backfired.

  • AP0101

    no matter how good as a shoplifter you are sooner or later you will come back for more and more & I will bust you then send your ass to jail for a long time..in our County for shoplifters sentences and fines are on maximum and there is no bond :D you might be getting away with few hundred or thousand dollars but one day when you are “cought” you will go to jail..jail and fines are not that bad whats bad is that thing is on your record for the rest of your “life” then when you are done with college or whatever your plan is nobody will hire you..you will be working for $7 per hr at Wendy’s for the rest of your life and I will be making $15 per hr catching idiots like you and ruining your life forever :D one day you will wake up and realize “what was i thinking?” :D THE STUFF THAT YOU STEAL DOES NOT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD HAVING IT LIKE THE STUFF YOU WORK HARD AND PAY FOR. Steal a pair of jeans and wear it then go buy pair of jeans then wear it. Let me know which one feels better on you :D You will have more confidence wearing the ones you paid for not the ones you stole because it will hunt you forever that you stole it :D Good luck! :D

  • Eric

    now I know what to look out for when shoplifting… why would you say this if you used to shoplift faggot ass bitch. shoplifter 4 life

  • Edward

    lol I love how everyone bashes everyone else like they are so tough…thieves are cowards, and internet douchebags are even more cowardly. I have shoplifted before, but I did it when I was poor as a teenager, because my parents didn’t have great paying jobs and couldn’t provide me my every heart’s desire (or even necessity). I graduated college (by scholarships and working, not cuz my parents were rich :P ), then got a job. Actually I work 2 jobs atm, around 70 hours a week, but both pay average amounts, so I make enough money that I never would dream of stealing, and even with a wife and an expensive child to care for. It wasn’t “hard work” either, both jobs are in the loss prevention field. Being an intelligent ex-shoplifter I know more what to look out for. Below are hints and tips for shoplifters, in case you’re wondering why I am posting at all, I hate retail in general:

    There is no way for a shoplifter to NOT make signs of being a shoplifter, unless they are stupid. You HAVE to make sure you are alone and glance around a lot for employees and customers, you HAVE to have that huge bag if you are a girl sometimes, or odd clothing choices to hide merchandise, etc. When I stole I couldn’t help it, but a helpful hint is this: DON’T LOOK BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. When I stole I would walk down an aisle in one direction, pretending to glance at different items, then act as if I couldn’t find what I was looking for and would walk the opposite way, making sure the aisle was clear, and since I already had the product in hand I would pocket it. Having a cart w/ a lot of items in it helps. Not an obviously huge, random, or expensive group either, just some common stuff. Open packages in the top area, making sure you have other items concealing your hands so people from a distance can’t tell what you’re doing, and if someone is nearby naturally don’t be stupid, just wait. I text a lot and play with my phone, so in case anyone is watching me they see me putting my phone in my pocket a lot, so that hand motion is natural and becomes a routine in case someone was watching me.

    Working loss prevention is a boring job, I hate it, and I hate being forced to catch shoplifters, because the retail stores are really stupid. In my business place, they don’t have many cameras, and won’t install cheap mirrors for me to catch people…I have to LITERALLY follow someone, and they will NEVER steal with me in the aisle with them. The only times I have ever caught anyone was if they were down an aisle I could see in the reflection of a mirror or by being in the office (which can see down 2 high theft aisles).

    Retailers are cheap and just do the loss prevention game for “show” most likely, hardly any of them are serious about stopping shoplifters. Deterrance is the main issue they work with. Installing EAS towers, tagging high dollar items, giving LP people vests and headsets or handcuffs so they stand out, etc. Also, most LP personnel cannot follow you out of the store, and NONE OF THEM can follow you beyond the parking lot. Just park OUT OF SIGHT so they can’t get a tag number or vehicle description if you want to get away, or walk to a nearby parking area for another store where you parked. If you are stealing and get caught, just leave. NEVER STAY. They will call the cops, even lie to you and say they won’t, to be able to prosecute you for that $4.00 shampoo bottle, so just leave. Take the merchandise with you, because most people will not even bother calling the police unless Loss Prevention agents are present, because they are too busy. BTW one thing to know is that LP agents will AUTOMATICALLY lose their job if they assault you, and you did nothing to warrant that behavior; stealing an item is not enough to warrant assault and battery; the MOST they could do is to try to guide you back into the store, perhaps a guiding hand on your elbow (but usually as you are already walking back into the store). Don’t EVER assault an employee, then you’re a felon. Only assault someone if they stupidly try to detain you or hurt you when you are stealing. If they want the item back that bad, just give it to them and scram.

    Also, steal from small pharmacies/stores when the cashier has a line, and he will never lift a finger if the alarm goes off. One great way to always be able to steal from a pharmacy is to BRING IN A PAST PRESCRIPTION BAG and load up theft items while in the store, then pop out the bag w/ old pill bottle prescription, so JUST IN CASE YOU SET OFF THE EAS TOWERS they assume it is the prescription and not you, just keep walking.

    Loss prevention personnel are not evil btw, I hope no one that shoplifts has anything against us. It’s a job. A boring, repetitive, stupid job. People think it is exciting. It’s not. And it pays crap. Yeah, just research LP pay scales and steal from stores that don’t pay their LP people crap, then you will know they definitely won’t give a crap about following you if you get caught. Half the time LP are treated like security. I have never received any actual training for catching shoplifters, and that is at three different retailers. They seriously only care about statistics and deterring theft and making the big wigs happy by “merely having an LP program” seriously. Seriously.

    Some things I tend to do as LP (ONLY because I have to watch people and have no assets or equipment to work with, even mirrors): I use reflections on glass cases/windows at the pharmacy/mirrors at the manager’s office to watch people down aisles, they think I am just looking at products. Watch my eyes, you’ll see I am staring at the mirror, my eyes are tilting in YOUR direction. Just a helpful hint. Also, MOVE AROUND A LOT. If you have a person with you that might be LP, they will follow you if they care. I never both following people much, because it is SO obvious I am LP in a small pharmacy with like 4 customers, when “one of the other customers” keeps appearing on every aisle with you, and you catch them glancing at you occassionally. If you are a really hot girl, then I probably am staring at you for that reason, so you can stop panicking now. Once again, move around a lot only if you think an LP agent is watching you, otherwise this is the opposite of helpful, because a lot of movement will WARRANT attention of employees, even stupid cashiers and managers.

    Also hide your empty packages better. Leaving them sitting on endcaps and whatnot is a stupid idea. Another thing: try not to steal stuff when a camera is down that aisle. You would be surprised how many LP agents play detective and use cameras to see theft occur. I invented a trick in which I will find a lot of items, lets say condoms, detergents, or five hour energy six packs, missing from an aisle. I will look back at the camera, then go hour by hour until I see the empty spot “magically” fill back up with merchandise, then go every 5 minutes doing the same thing to see it “magically” disappear again, so I have just figured out when the merchandise was taken, and can see who took it. So if you’re a regular I will know you are a shoplifter now, and can use this as evidence, so I’ll burn that crap to a disk for detectives later on.

    BTW another hint: Use a fake license plate, or stolen plate, so that people won’t be able to report your vehicle. I had an idea that it would be really smart to steal a license plate from a vehicle that is the same make/model/color as your vehicle, so that when the cashier or LP writes down your plate, car info, etc. they will call police, who will run the plate and agree that the car info matches the plate info, so they will check your camera system or do a photo line up with the driver’s license of the owner of that registered vehicle, in which case the picture will NOT match up with you, since the plate is stolen. The cops might even drop the case then and there, they have better things to do than investigate crap like this. BTW after you drive away with the fake License Plate, a few stores down pull over and CHANGE BACK YOUR LICENSE PLATE, it would be stupid if a cop pulls you over and you have that plate still on, PLUS it’s a stolen plate, that could have been reported!

    If you live close enough to the store you steal from, just walk. LP will get fired if their district LP manager finds out they followed you out of the parking lot for some magazine or gatorade or whatever. Walk home. Don’t be obvious and walk down the main street though, zigzag through buildings and get lost, literally, but make sure you know the area like the back of your hand. Also, if you are being tailed by a persistant LP, just duck inside a large building, they will NOT follow you for fear of bodily harm. I would never personally follow a KNOWN CRIMINAL into a building without a weapon, handcuffs, combat training, or a desire to retrieve merchandise for a company that pays me nothing (basically nothing).

    Also, if you are a pharmacy patient, do not steal while bored in the store. They can get a warrant to retrieve HIPPA information, and a cop can usually get a name and address and birthdate from the pharmacist without trying…just a dumb idea, don’t do that. Also don’t steal from the place you work. Let’s say you work at Wal-mart: wal-mart is cheap, huge, has a ton of potential theft items, so just go to a different wal-mart and steal, but NEVER steal at your own store, the reason being they KNOW WHO YOU ARE. It’s not even about getting fired at this point, even though you will get fired for sure, but most will prosecute you at a whim and you might go to prison if it is over 500 dollars total. NEVER steal from U-Scan, you stupid motherf***ers at Kroger, my friend worked at Kroger 5 years and people would always steal from U-Scan like retards that didn’t think there were TONS of cameras around.

    Employees that want to steal: NEVER steal on camera, if you decide against my logic and steal from your store. They can’t prove JACK SQUAT without evidence, so make sure your fingerprints aren’t squarely plastered on a package either. Use shirt sleeves to wipe off your prints. I have cops dust for prints all the time, which, if you’ve ever been in trouble with the law they will have your prints on file, go figure. Just adds to the evidence. One person we caught the other day was arrested due to three types of evidence: the idiot was a pharmacy patient waiting on their medicine (and the cop just got basic info from phamarcist, and he got a warrant to get it in writing later), we had them square on camera concealing packages, and the cop dusted for fingerprints several empty packages FOUND ON CAMERA right where the thief was seen. Naturally they had a previous shoplifting record. Most in a downtown hood area tend to have records.

    Also the most important thing for employees concerning other forms of theft, such as fraud, register theft, coupon fraud, etc. is this: DON’T DO IT. I don’t know ANYONE that has got away with an internal case of theft or fraud involving a computer, register, safe, etc. My motto is this: If it leaves a data trail, the trail will lead back to you. And every register and safe is on a camera, so now they just have to find you on camera doing the dirty deeds, and you’re toast. The best bet is to take the money ONLY if you quit the next day via phone, and hopefully they won’t come after you. I have heard that Dollar stores usually don’t have LP or cameras, because several employees blatantly stole money from the registers nearby a store I worked at, and the managers knew it, but since the employee quit they just forgot about it since they had no cameras, even though that person’s drawer was $60.00 short after their shift.

    Just to recap for employee fraud: Don’t do it. Everything is recorded digitally. That register is like a computer. There are fraud analysts that get PAID a LOT to just sit at a computer all day long playing music, eating donuts, reading yahoo news articles, and reading reports that are flagged for one reason or another. Things that get flagged as a cashier: using price verifies/price checks too much suggests you are handing off free merchandise or pocketing customer money, “no sales” where you open the drawer suggests you are taking cash out especially when your drawer winds up short that day, and btw everything can be watched on cameras. District Managers for LP only sit on their fat butt and watch cameras all day concerning employee theft and fraud. They never deal with external crap, they leave their LP lackies for that.

    Never scan your own discount card for a customer because now the reports will show that Cashier Bob just rang up Cashier Bob (because you are signed in as the cashier and a customer just rang up with Cashier Bob’s employee discount card, so not only would you get fired for potentially ringing up your own purchase, but you just discounted goods for a customer so that is theft on behalf of the company). Don’t boost up stats by making up fake discount cards, that crap is flagged as well. Don’t misuse coupons in any way, it can be traced back to your register; don’t steal customer coupons, that is counted as theft on behalf of the company’s customers, and you will also get fired for that pretty quickly.

    Also, a huge note: If you are stupid and ignore me and get caught, make sure you take the hint and RESIGN and pay back for whatever misdeeds you were caught doing, else they will just have you arrested. Try to reason with them if caught, and you’ll be fine, you’ll just get terminated, but not arrested usually.

    Also another huge note: If you are being interviewed (aka interrogated by LP district manager or agent) NEVER admit to anything. If they say they have some kind of evidence, act in disbelief, demand to see said evidence if possible, and DO NOT CRY AND BREAK DOWN AND ADMIT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER DONE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. I have read so many articles at my jobs and heard so many stories from LP District Managers about how they will catch a cashier for not paying for a Red Bull energy drink and interview the person about several drinks not being paid for, and the cashier breaks down and panics, admitting to the drink theft and for some reason telling about the other THOUSANDS of dollars of merchandise they have stolen across the years….WTF?!?! Now you’re a felon and are sure to be arrested and appear in a company newspaper. Idiot. Good job.

    So to recap: Be smart if you shoplift, you’re virtually invincible as is since LP don’t care, employees are stupid, and cops are useless 98% of the time in matters of theft. Be smart if you are an employee thief/fraud: DON’T DO IT at your own store. That’s all there is to it, there’s no safe way to steal at your own store. It’s like a serial killer wearing a shirt with his name plastered on it. Why advertise to people?

    Hope everyone enjoyed the article, it makes me want to write a well-organized blog and separate it by chapters to help LP/shoplifting people. I’ll add some more stuff if I think of anything useful I forgot here.

  • Ruben

    In CA you can only prosecute if the actually step outside the store it does not matter if the conceal or not.

    -Loss Prevention Agent

  • Ruben

    In CA you can only prosecute if the actually step outside the store it does not matter if the conceal or not.

    -Loss Prevention Agent

  • http://www.alphaworld.com Beth

    There are so many great ways to beat shoplifters. We use Alpha Products at our stores to help prevent theft.

  • Elioenai

    All a shoplifter has to do is read an article like this and they can walk away a better shoplifter…..

    Was this your intention?

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