Time Warner Cable Eyes Google-Style Ad Auction

    April 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

This whole ad auction thing is taking off. Though Verizon denied that its Yellow Pages auction was inspired by Google or other search engines, Time Warner Cable had no qualms admitting AdSense as the inspiration for possible cable ad auctions.

Reuters reports that TWC “is in early discussions” to produce a system for advertisers to better target television audiences though new software installed in set top boxes.

The targeting comes from viewer habits. If the sounds of NASCAR permeate the household every Sunday, advertisers know that mullet-care products would be well-received there too. Tennessee Waterfall can out outbid Alabama Squirrel Neck for placement.

“We can start doing what Google does–auctioning off spots,” Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Glenn Britt told Reuters. “We have the ability, using our set tops and new software we’re putting in, to begin targeting advertising. We’re actively looking at this.”

Britt, who called TV “more powerful than the Internet,” said the chief advantage TV had over search engines was the ability to provide more user information that allow a higher level of targeting.