“Time Spent Online” Report Puts Microsoft Way Ahead

    December 2, 2009

Despite all the gains other companies (Google, Facebook) have made, it’s still Microsoft’s world, according to new statistics from comScore.  comScore found that, in terms of time spent on sites, the Redmond-based corporation continues to maintain a huge lead over its competitors.

People spent about 3.920 billion hours on Microsoft’s sites in September, which equates to about 14.5 percent of the total time spent online.  Meanwhile, people only spent about 2.512 hours on Google-owned sites, which works out to 9.3 percent of the total.  And Google barely logged more growth than Microsoft (48 percent versus 44 percent).

Things looked even more depressing for Yahoo, as the chart below shows.  The real surprise, though, relates to Facebook, the social network that doesn’t "do" much of anything compared to three companies that offer search engines, email, maps, and all other sorts of stuff.

comScore determined that individuals spent about 5.1 percent of their online time on Facebook in September, and that represents an impressive 2.9 percent year-over-year increase.  If Facebook can sustain this rate of growth, it might not be long before Yahoo’s forced to eat its dust.

Oddly, Lycos sites experienced a lot of growth in the last year, too, so they may bear watching.

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