Three Reasons To Report Gmail Spam

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Only the continued efforts of dedicated Gmail users to hit the “Report as Spam” button when they spot unwanted junk messages will help Google stay ahead of spammers.

Three Reasons To Report Gmail Spam
Three Reasons To Report Gmail Spam

That button clicking has an impact, even though the typical Gmail user can’t see the whole behind the scenes effects.

Google’s Brad Taylor discussed spam reporting on the Gmail blog. He cited three good reasons to keep on flagging spam.

Doing so helps improve Gmail for the individual user. Taylor said Google tracks spammers that get through, as well as non-spammers who mistakenly get caught in the filters and need to be reported as “Not Spam.”

Each report also enhances the Gmail experience throughout its network for all users. Spammers sometimes copy what other spammers do in pushing out their messages. If Google can stop spam with a certain set of characteristics, it becomes easier to catch future attempts using the same vectors.

When spam does get through Gmail’s filters, Taylor and other engineers see this as corresponding spam reports rise to match the incoming junk. Sometimes it takes longer to code a solution to a particularly nasty spam outbreak, and Taylor emphasized people should keep making those reports.

For those keeping score at home, it’s 1) help yourself, 2) help other Gmail users, and 3) help Google by making spam reports.

Three Reasons To Report Gmail Spam
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  • http://seo.xon.us TimuM@SEO

    I though that reporting button works only for my Gmail account?

    Thanks for the explanation..

    • John Wallen

      My solution for Spam is working perfectly, not 1 Spam in 9 months.
      I use mail.enterto.com

      • Sharon Walk

        Thanks for the tip about mail.enterto.com
        It works like it advertises.

  • Shelly

    I get NO LESS that 50+ Spam emails a day .. I have deleted every single one of them, & Yet, next day 50 more,, Nothing has seemed to help & I’m about ready to close this account! I’m not impressed

    • Guest

      We agree that the GMAIL SPAM is out of control.   We’ve never received so much SPAM MAIL in our lives as we do on our GMAIL  account.    The writer that  mentioed it’s about 50 + a day ~~  this is true and worse this is no exageration.  It’s very annoying that it’s continuous and that it’s at such an extreme amount every day and you have to weed through it  day after day  deleting each one by one.   Also  this with their filter system being used!!! 

      Yes it really has gotten to the point that  I’m about ready to close my account as well.  ~~~~~

      • Guest

        I agree.  Not sure why Gmail is hyped when, among my Yahoo, Toast, Hotmail, and MSN accounts, it’s the only one that receives a ton of spam despite my minimal use of the account.  What’s more, the junk rarely making it to my other accounts is often from Gmail addresses.  I’m no techie, but it’s obvious to me that Gmail screwed up somewhere along the line or spam control or privacy.  Curious to know why, and, having read found this page, I may just close the account.

  • http://3steps.com Alex

    Signed for enterto email. Easy signup, great interface. Don’t know about spam protection yet, but their technology is promising. I used same technique for about 5 years

  • Guest

    Hi, is there a place to report email accounts being used as spam? like vvvbcgcd7700@gmail.com this "people" keeps changing emails by one number at a time or one letter and screws the black list of my webmail service, is there something we or anyone can do about it?

  • http://www.gossipcraze.com/gossip/gmail Wendy

    I noticed a lot of spam getting into my gmail recently… heres a good post about it


    If anyone knows how to stop it I would be much appreciated


  • Guest

    About 60% of the emails I receive are SPAM from “GMAIL” users. I am unable to reach Google to ask them to block these emails to my account, so I have taken to answering them with choice messages only a dirty old man could come up with.

    Also will be send some really nasty photos to these b….tards too!

    Google – control your users!!!!!

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