Three Is The Magic XML Number

    June 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

DataDirect announced Release 3 of its XML product Stylus Studio, following Altova’s Release 3 of its XML Suite Version 2006.

"Third time pays for all."
-- Middle Earth saying from J.R.R. Tolkien's books

The number three has importance not only in the world of Middle Earth, but among the bustling developments taking place in the world of XML. A pair of firms has updated their XML developer products to version 3 this month.

“In Stylus Studio 2006 Release 3 Enterprise Edition, we’ve updated our XML Deployment Components and our support for popular processing components including DataDirect XQuery, RenderX XEP, Saxon, and others,” Robert Evelyn, VP and General Manager of DataDirect’s XML Products Group said in a statement.

Stylus Studio also added new Java APIs for their XML Deployment Components. Developers who craft applications to work with EDI/ANSI X12/EDIFACT formats for processing government RFQs and purchase orders should find these useful.

The new release also included support for DataDirect Connect for JDBC 3.6. This connector provides access to relational databases. The platform’s support for DataDirect XQuery means applications can query a variety of sources like SOAP messages, EDI, or relational data, and output XML.

Altova unveiled updates throughout the Release 3 version of its XML Suite Version 2006. XMLSpy now carries support for enhanced error handling in the XML validator; a new XSLT 2.0 and XQuery profiler; and processing with the XSLT 2.0 engine that averages a 75 percent increase in speed.

A tabbed interface in the validator lets the developer track multiple files with validation errors. Each file can be assigned to a different tab, allowing the developer to trace each file on a separate tab.

Altova’s StyleVision 2006 has received a series of enhancements to its user interface. The company also noted new features include CSS and JavaScript support. In its MapForce 2006 product, Altova included Web services implementation along with advanced flat file parsing.

MapForce, like XMLSpy, integrates with both the Eclipse and the Visual Studio IDEs. That provides MapForce with an easy path to enter a developer’s toolkit for application development, due to the popularity of both IDE products.

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