There Is No Google Sandbox

    June 8, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

No less an authority on search engine optimization than Shari Thurow has claimed the fabled Google Sandbox, a holding pen for sites new to the index, does not exist.

If there were a Sandbox, would so many spammy sites make it on to Google’s search result pages?

That is an argument that can be made in favor of Thurow’s comments as noted on the SEOmoz blog in a recent post:

There is no such thing as a Google Sandbox. It’s one of those terms
that self-proclaimed search engine “experts” came up with to explain why their methodologies don’t work.

Michael Martinez, who posted Thurow’s comments as they appeared on LED Digest, agrees with Thurow and Mike Grehan that the Sandbox per se does not exist:

I don’t believe that Google intentionally sandboxes all new Web sites. I do believe that Google has admitted, more than once now, that there is an unexpected effect that they sort of like and have no desire to alter.

The effect requires you to work harder.

Maybe there is not a Google Sandbox, but a mirage of a Sandbox viewed by those whose optimized sites linger in Google limbo instead.


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