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    September 6, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Are the names and faces of your nocturnal exploits beginning to fade into a maybe-I-should-get-tested blur, there stud? Liar, they are not. But if your fantasy world is rich enough, and if you’re worried your mom’s going to find your little black book (she’s not here, is she?), then maybe you should move that top-secret information online.

The fantasy world at Resorb Networks is so realistic that a programmer “jumped at the idea to create a web-based sex log for himself – to make it easier to update and record his sexual incounters [sic].”

In fact, he was so busy creating, he forgot to run a spell check – and to jot down where he got the statistic that one in three people have some kind of “sex log.”

Watch out for splinters.

The Mission:

The mission of MyBlackBook is to provide people with a place to store their sexual history, partners, and experiences in a safe, secure and confidential place. To allow them to manage, update and lookup their entries in an easy way – giving them the opportunity and ability to assess their sexual behavior and activity and to make changes in their life.

    Captain’s Sex Log, Stardate: 5943.7

    Change #1: Remember to run spell check.

    Change #2: Stop using sentence fragments in mission statements.

    Change#3: Stop lying about how much Tang I go through.

The online love diary allows users to set up a password-protected account, upload images, keep stats, add “VD notes,” make charts and graphs, record “session notes,” enter contact information, log “positions and activities,” and even lets you know your probability of catching an STD.

Because nothing says ‘good lovin’ like a spreadsheet.

They have a forum, too. Soon they’ll add MyBlackBook Mobile, accessible from your Cingular Wireless HoPhone.

Stop me before I kill again.

John Ianuale, Resorb Networks president, chief executive, and PR flack (receptionist, too?), finishes his announcement (in what is now his uniquely fragmentary style):

With the hope that this new service will spark a trend in getting people to be more aware of their sexual behavior – possibly reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and creating a safer online dating environment.

Well, that’s noble enough, I guess.

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