The Web Feels The Impact of Michael Jackson’s Death

By: Jeremy Muncy - July 1, 2009

Who is the most famous person in the world? A simple question with thousands of possible answers.

Some might say the Pope while others might say President Obama. It’s total speculation; an argument can be made for just about any well-known person.

Could "The King of Pop" have been considered the most famous person in the world? With global album sales somewhere between 700-750 million, a career that spanned nearly 50 years, two widely covered pedophilia charges and various charitable contributions… Michael Jackson, quite possibly, was the most famous person in the world.

Michael JacksonHis popularity caused big problems for some of the Internet’s more popular sites as rumors began to swirl about his rumored death.

Famed celebrity news site TMZ was the first to break the news of Michael Jackson’s death. People from all over the world rushed to the site to see the news for their own eyes. Due to the mass amounts of traffic TMZ began experiencing erratic downtimes, which left people searching other sites for confirmation.

AOL, owner of TMZ, released the following statement about the downtime…

"Today was a seminal moment in Internet history. We’ve never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth. Historically, celebrity news prompts a worldwide outpouring with several key consumer behaviors – searching, sharing and reacting to the news followed by online tributes has become the modern way to mourn. Princess Diana was the first notable Internet example. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett are the latest.

With other sites such as CNN reporting that Jackson was still alive but in a coma, that only added fuel to the fire, as people wanted to know the truth. Sadly in the end, TMZ was correct.

CNN Tweet

Michael Jackson has also been immortalized on the popular  website.

The Michael Jackson ripple effect wasn’t just felt by TMZ, shortly after Internet users made their way to Perez Hilton’s train-wreck of a blog only to be greeted by the following despicable post by the blogging diva…

Perez Hilton's post

You can see that Perez was pretty much calling Michael Jackson a liar. It should be noted that shortly after it was confirmed by multiple sources, Perez updated the post to hide his travesty of a post.

Twitterers weren’t pleased with the post, and #unfollowperez became a trending topic on the famed microbloggnig site.

Some of the major news corporations showed marked slowdowns; Keynote Systems had the following to say about the traffic phenomenon…

Keynote traffic graph"Beginning during the late afternoon Pacific Time major news sites, including those of ABC, AOL, LA Times and CBS all started to show marked slowdowns in performance. Beginning at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time until 8:00 p.m. Eastern, the following sites showed became nearly unavailable (down to nearly 10% availability): ABC, CBS, LA Times, AOL, CNN Money.

Beginning at 5:30pm (EDT), the average speed for downloading news sites doubled from less than four seconds to almost nine seconds. During the same period, the average availability of sites on the index dropped from almost 100% to 86%. The index returned to normal by 9:15pm (EDT)."

With the news of Jackson’s death, people turned to the web like never before. Large traffic spikes were documented, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Below you can see a chart from Nielson, which shows the Jackson death discussion far exceeded those of the inauguration of President Obama and the swine flu.

Nielson traffic graph

In the UK it was documented that Twitter had its busiest day, EVER. The traffic spike might not be as large as expected, but this is probably due to the time difference between the US and the UK. You can see the Hitwise graph below…

Hitwise Traffic Graph

Yesterday I told you about how Michael Jackson was dominating the Twitter top 10 trending topics, where he held nine at that time. Almost a full 24 hours later and he still holds four of the ten.

The death of Michael Jackson also had other sharing their condolences via Twitter…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tweet

MC Hammer Tweet

Diddy Tweet

John Mayer Tweet

Ashton Kutcher Tweet

The death of Michael Jackson was met with many different opinions; some are looking back at his music career why others only see his alleged wrong doings. However you choose to remember him you can’t deny the fact that his death had a huge impact all over the world… especially the Internet.

Jeremy Muncy

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  • Storbyferie Budapest

    The most famous person is (sadly enough) a dead person.

    You have seen it a lot of times before – and you will see it again. When a person dies, he or she gets very famous.

    Of course Michael Jackson is a special case, but if he had lived until he got old, things has been different.

    • Guest

      he might have molested some more little boys.

      • Ziv

        Dance on his grave you anonymous hero! It is people like you that cause the early death of creative geniuses in this world.

        • Guest

          MJ was working a new Job

          Someone told Michael Jackson Walmart had little boys pants half off, so MJ applied for a job in that department.

      • Guest

        It’s people like you Michael Jachson was singing about. A decease in our generation that lost love & understanding as well as forgiveness. Seek your owne self & if you have no faults, cast the first stone. This is a time of sadeness for a family, a man & a nation for a man, a living person with feelings & love. At least show that respect & fix your owne demons.

      • Guest

        HMMM…not guilty means nothing…and have you any idea of all the charities and donations and good he did…were you there when he did the above stated that he was not guilty of…if so why did you not testify…are you a judge? If so do you know the whole story…my bet is no…because no one ever knows the whole story and to judge based on partial knowledge is wrong. What a disgusting comment…i am sure his 3 children and family would love to see this. If you were the accused what would you do if found not guilty and yet someone like yourself said this. Have some humanity…many are not as tunnel visioned as you.

      • Guest

        Michael jackson said he didnt molest them, he just beat it, beat it, beat it

  • Guest

    A degenerate like M. Jackson dies and the Internet lights up.
    Meanwhile North Korea is threatening nuclear warfare, Iran is massacreing their own people but hey-a guy who hasn’t made a song that anybody cared about for 20 years and is a drug addicted child molester is dead so we better get involved.

    • Guest

      Yes you are right…however….with a cultural icon gone so suddenly it hits many very hard…and i must correct you on this…he was found innocent in the court of law on all counts…in this USA you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt…not the other way around. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but the facts differ. And there are many millions who cared for him and his abilities long after your 20 year mark…i do heartily agree that there are much more pressing matters as you stated…my own concerns are right along with yours. North Korea worries me…will my unborn children see what i have? Will my unborn children be born? The slaughtering of innocents disturbs me greatly…you have very realistic concerns and i applaud that!! I just happen to belive in allowing time for mourning any loss….and despite it’s issues we all know… our court system. I still feel strongly as it greatly helped found this country of freedom.

  • Brenda MAJOR

    Michael Jackson is the performer of all time and his whole self is perfection in itself. he is everything.i,ll miss everything R.I.P peace now and forever.xxxxxx

  • Brenda MAJOR

    how u could say those things is unberliveable Michael jackson was found not guilty.on all 10 counts, in a court of law this man did not do it. It was Michael Jackson who was singing about change in the 90s, The man in the mirror. he showed that he loved all nations because he did not forget where he came from. so dont put people down because of ashamed.

    • Guest

      That last post is funny.. Yeah Michael Jackson loved other nations so much he decied to become white. It was a hard choice but someone had to do it. The little flat nosed thick lipped boy in the mirror became a white man. No were not ashamed we are proud. Only in America can you waste millions of dollars to become white, why waste it on giving it to the poor, or donating valuable money to a real cause, no its better to keep all the money for yourself and let it warp your mind and make you mentally sick.

  • Free Trivia

    I am still amazed by this whole thing. SEOmoz did a whole outline of how it spread around the web. It was truley amazing.


      If I was michael I would fake my death.For one my face is always changing.And I am worth 10 times dead even haters like me know.Why not

  • jason

    The idea of michael jackson will never cease .There will always be some one that is a cut above the rest.And people will always seek to compare.So he just joined bob marley,elvis presley and his peers in that place were everyone that do either its is work or play and that is perfection

  • Guest

    I’m also a lover… not a fighter. Let’s love one another

  • Crystal Awards

    People want to know about all sorts of things. Certainly the death of Michael Jackson is BIG NEW and the Internet is where the world turns to for information.

    I pray that God will Bless the Jackson family with peace and strength during this and all times.

  • wisata ciamis

    Uncle Jacko the best singer and dancer… we always remember you!!

  • Havoc Marketing

    Perez Hilton shouldn’t have written that post about Michael Jackson. I think he angered a lot of fans and ruined his reputation quite a bit. I hope he learnt his lesson and will research and confirm facts in the future, before posting it in his blog.

    • Charlie

      Perez is a twat.

  • Guest

    My site went dead after the death of Michael Jackson. All my visitors are gone and they only starting to come back slowly.. I guess it will take another week.. Micheal Jackson was the greatest artist!!!

  • Guest

    So sad that you have gone from our lives. I am honored to have witnessed you in concert in ’92 Wembly UK, the best concert I have ever seen! You are a magician of music, the master of dance and the most successful artist of all time! Thank you MJ for giving us so much….

    PS. A black man would never hurt any children like people claim.

    • Guest

      Is that truly what he has or did he yearn for purity?

    • Guest

      MJ was working taking a new job before he died

      Someone told MJ that Walmart had little boys pants half off so MJ applied for a job there.

  • Thomas

    To me, Michael was music because he thought me how to listen and appreciate it.

  • Petit

    about the blogpulse diagram you say: “Below you can see a chart from Nielson, which shows the Jackson death discussion far exceeded those of the inauguration of President Obama and the swine flu.”

    This may be the true interpretation, but that’s not what the diagram shows. According to the labels, the Obama curve stretches far above the Jackson one.


  • Din startside

    Great singer that has done a few mistakes in life.

    Hope you Rest in peace Michael :-)

  • Guest

    Have some respect for human life! Who knows if he molested kids is true white america can easily convict a black man for anything. We see this play out everyday in americas court rooms as the case of Jena6. As far as the coverage on the major news networks again white america controls this entity.

    • Guest

      black man???? he hasnt been black in 15 years…. co incidently he hasnt made a good song in 15 years….. thoughts…?

      • Guest

        MJ applied for food stamps but was turned away, he wasnt dark enough. Either way its not a color issue he loves little boys. You never know what happend at never never land

  • Guest

    Have some respect for human life! Who knows if he molested kids is true white america can easily convict a black man for anything. We see this play out everyday in americas court rooms as the case of Jena6. As far as the coverage on the major news networks again white america controls this entity.

    • Marie Devine

      Black America did not make Michael Jackson famous. He was famous equally between whites, Asians and all nationalities.

      Most of any people’s problems come from their attitude toward people. God told us to treat others as greater than ourselves. We are to do that regardless of their stupidity. The black entertainers and black people in music, sports and government have proven themselves to be loved by white and black equally when they walk in dignity. Do not be used by black racists or white supremisists to destroy your joy. The black race is the purist because it do not mix as the other white clans did.

      Do not think that anyone can follow foul-mouthed entertainers and wear their pants around their thighs and think they will be respected for their brilliance. A waistband on pants is to be belted around the waist. That is your anatamy and fashion lesson for today. God bless you will a spirit of love for others.

      • Guest

        When you misspelled anatomy, it totally killed your point.

        • Fidd

          Attacking spelling is the last refuge of an idiot.
          The point was made, and made well.

      • Simon Cowell

        Hello Marie,

        Thanks for your comments enlightening us on human evoloution :-)

        I hope you’re not singling me out for the way I wear my trousers when appearing here in the States ?

        My backstage Assistants always ensure my waistband and trousers are kept suitably high to entertain the studio and TV audiences.

        I’m currently back in the UK and welcome you to call me anytime to discuss any of these issues, including to unrelenting talent of Michael.

        Please ask for my PA, Mike Besant who will connect you to me straight away.

        Simon Cowell

        • Simon

          Thanks for your comments and yes the best number to reach Mike is the London Office – 020 8689 3339.

          If calling from US +44 20 8689 33 39

          You can talk to Mike directly but only briefly..

      • Guest

        Thats funny Marie because I thought MJ was white.

    • Guest

      But only in american can a guilty black man get off of murder. MJ is guilty of playing with little boys wee wee’s. Thank god hes dead

  • Guest

    Have some respect for human life! Who knows if he molested kids is true white america can easily convict a black man for anything. We see this play out everyday in americas court rooms as the case of Jena6. As far as the coverage on the major news networks again white america controls this entity.

    • Guest

      I have to totally agree with the writers point of view about memory loss, when it comes to this guys habits of loving little boys…How can a pedafile be exhalted to the god-like status he has been given on line and tv? Yes, while I agree that he was a gifted man, he seemed to loose that when he became attracted to little boys, turned white, cut his nose off, lost his looks, and turned into a jackass of media attention. Sorry, I don’t like child molestors, why do you????

      • Guest

        Grow a brain. Think an original thought. Get a life.

      • Paul

        I totally agree. It was the topic of our WTF.

        I guess the internet stats just show that everyone likes a freakshow.

      • Guest

        Michael Jackson was not a child molestor. Get your facts right. If you bothered to follow the case of 2005 you would have seen the the mother and her 2 sons were out there to get Michael Jackson’s money. The so called witnesses that testified against him owed MJ money – they will all proved to be liars. MJ was weird but not a child molestor. You have become a product of the tabloid press and documentaries who enjoyed making money off him. What annoys me most is when readers come out with sweeping tabloid statements that have proved to be incorrect. Read the WHOLE case of 2005 and then make your comments.

        • Guestelsmith

          A huge, huge, amen to that.

        • Guest

          so you never heard about how he paid a kid 20 million dollars of hush up money to keep him out of court???? suspicious much???

      • Guestelsmith

        Because he was not a pedophile, you blithering idiot!!!!!!!! He may have had a plethora of weirdness oddness about him, but as long as I live, I will never be convinced that he was guilty of such an awful crime. He was strange, not stupid. May God keep his hands on his three darling little children.

    • Billy Jeans

      Someone else spouting rubbish about “white America, conspiracy theory, we’re always innocent of any crimes and blamed for everything” rubbish.

      Pure hot air.

      Bore off…..

      P.S Remember OJ and the LA riots ?! :-)

  • Edward Han

    So sad to hear the news of Michael Jackson’s departure. We shall miss the legendary Pop King and songwriter. He had changed the music world. Now he will be forever in our memories.

    We like to send our blessing to his soul and may he RIP. We will miss you.

  • Poker Knave

    The greatest entertainer died and the internet went into meltdown. Obviously he was the most famous person in the world!

  • Simon Drake

    People probably turned to the web because it can shovel so much more information into their minds than live TV. You could find out about the situation (e.g. is he dead or not) and more about the man; albums, singles, ‘history’, and yes, gossip.
    I’m not surprised Wacko Jacko’s demise caused havoc online – what a way to go out – still dazzling us!

  • Mike

    What? Michael Jackson’s dead?!

  • Peter Pan

    He’s with me now. I’m teaching him how to moon fly.

  • Guest

    We will all miss Michael Jackson very much! What a great Pop Icon for all of us!

  • ncat

    He’s not really dead, right? Please tell me this is just another one of his HUGE promotional stunts! ….MJ can’t be dead!

    • marvin

      Yes, now that people seem to be catching on, he got tired of all the fame and is over at Ben Laden’s. See, nobody is looking for Ben so that would the perfect place for him to hide out.

  • Denise

    While MJ’s reputation was tarnished by the child molestation charges (and what kind of family would let their kids stay with MJ after the first accusations,) there’s no denying that he changed the face of race relations in the US.

    He broke barriers in helping Motown cross over to white audiences when he was with the Jackson 5.

    He broke barriers in music video when he challenged MTV on their racist stance of not playing black artists.

    He broke barriers when people stopped thinking of him as a “black performer,” and started thinking of him as Michael Jackson.

    Was he weird? Without a doubt. 40 out of 50 years in the public eye with all the money he could possible want to indulge himself, will not make a sane, rational person, by any standards.
    Press hungry? Of course.
    Child molester? Questionable, as he was never convicted.
    Good Father? After the baby dangling incident, by all accounts he was a very good father. One of the few times in his life where some limits were set.
    Good Friend? Ask Liza, Liz, Diana Ross, Mark Lester et, al. They seem to think the world of him.
    King of Pop? Yes, but shares throne with Elvis.
    Do we all have an opinion on MJ? Yes we do! Good, bad or indifferent, most people have thought out how they feel about Jackson and why. Can you say that about most other stars?

    With all the negatives riding against him, the Michael Jackson legacy will most likely be written by his fans and by the statistics of his music sales.

    Unlike Elvis, where alot of information came to light after his death, we all know the Michael Jackson story. The early years as a child star. The addiction to plastic surgery (started by his hatred of looking like his father.) The addiction to pain killers (spurred by the burn incident and aggravated by his criminal trials.) And now his search for redemption (in the form of a new tour and remaking himself, yet again in the public eye) thwarted by his death.

    All that’s left is for the child custody battles to play out. That should be the final chapter in his life.

    Not surprising that people that weren’t alive through all the MJ saga are looking on the web to get more insight into his life. There’s a lot out there and not too much of it was hidden.

  • Chief

    The king has died. Long live the king… It does not concern Jackson. I waited for its returning.

  • jay

    Why do all the music kings die so young.

  • Dee

    I am sad to see him go yet I think he has at last found peace.

    He seemed to be a very troubled man. People of all ages, color and creed loved him and his music yet it is weird how he never seemed to have sex appeal.

    Undoubtedly though he displayed remarkable talent. RIP Micky J.

  • dr Sehat

    I was expecting his album before Black and White came out on the ground. I was around 11th i think. Before it, I had big crushed on BAD. And I amazed by the magic he performed in his video clips.
    Then, black and white came to the market. I couldnt stop drooling. This man is beyond description. This man is Superb.

    Many many years after. I still always play his music on my dvd. Showing it to my lil son. “That is Michael Jackson” I said. And asked him to dance imitating Michael.

    Now this Surrealistic Person, gone forever. I was shocked when 1st heard this rumor on internet. I go checked CNN from cable TV, turn out, it true. All day long i followed the news, switching channels from CNN to BBC UK. Up till this second, I just can’t imagine how this world had lost one of the most influential individual ever, MJ. This idea still absurd for me to consume. And yet, he’s really gone. But the lyric and music keep on playing.

    I can see that Michael never really gone. Through all the years, eventhough I have never meet this guy in person, he always live in me. Through his masterpiece, through his art, through his music.

    And that goes to million others around the world that grew up with Michael Jackson’ song.

    R.I.P Michael, we all love u.

    Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • rickahyatt

    Michael Jackson could have been saved & rehabilitated if only they’d given him a job, as “The Joker” in Batman X.
    He would truly have fit the role, why didn’t they give it to him? The theme could have run along his hitting up Robin, the young Boy Wonder… For a sleepover with his tick-tock toy.
    Ever heard that British joke? Where Batman and Robin are closely climbing the vertical rope up the building, and Robin asks, “What’s that up my ***, Batman!” And Batman answers with the name of a very common English songbird, ” A Cockrobin!”

  • rick

    Michael Jackson could have been saved & rehabilitated if only they’d given him a job, as “The Joker” in Batman X.
    He would truly have fit the role, why didn’t they give it to him? The theme could have run along his hitting up Robin, the young Boy Wonder… For a sleepover with his tick-tock toy.
    Ever heard that British joke? Where Batman and Robin are closely climbing the vertical rope up the building, and Robin asks, “What’s that up my ***, Batman!” And Batman answers with the name of a very common English songbird, ” A Cockrobin!”

    • forty-seven

      You know, you’re a genius! Give u some time to call mom real quick & tell her somebody called me a genius! Hey, seriously, wanted to let u know that u did a good job as your in role as Robin!

  • Guest

    You do all know that he’s currently in Switzerland having a face transplant after faking his death?

    He’ll be living on a remote island in the Bahamas by the end of the year.

    • Guest

      he will rent a room from elvis

      • Guest

        loved the sensual music site far better than the crap jackson brought out this is what music is all about

  • Evemaggieq

    This weekend I spend most of my day watching MJ performed in all of his viedo. What a master at his craft this man was the greatest performer that I have witness. I remember the first time I was the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan. I have follow the Jackson 5 and MJ for their entire career. Once Michael started his solo career I knew he was going to be great. A lot of people didn’t know that MJ has to sued MTV to put his view on TV. If you can remember before MJ the music society would play black artists music but never put their face on the cover of their album. Everyone was enjoying their music but never knew what they look like. There were always picture of something else on the cover of the album other than the artist themself. But when MJ challenge MTV this broke the barrier for other black artists. Where would MTV be today without MJ pushing to this done.I have been waiting to hear his new album. This weekend I enjoy watching Smooth Criminal, Remember the Times. Thriller, In the Close, The Way You Make Me Feel, Bad, Billy Jean and many others what a lifetime history of music. I will truly miss you, all of hour good music is gone. I’m so afraid to cry because I know I wouldn”t be able to stop. What will I do with all this hurt. Because he was from my time in life. Michael Joseph Jackson job well done,RIP

  • Ecash10

    He was just an Icon the filled the world.
    What can one say. Every country in all continents new the name Micheal Jackson. His name stretch further than the Internet because the most remote of villages in third world countries even heard of him.

  • JimR

    I also have watched MJ grow up in the media. He was an amazing performer, entertainer, song writer, and of course, dancer. I’m a Classic Rock guy but MJ was at the top of his game. He’s right there with Elvis plus a few things extra that helped the music world and everyone as people. At first I believed he molested those kids until I watched all the court hearings and listened to people who really knew him. Now I have DOUBTS??? Compare him to Catholic Priests. It started with a couple of charges, then it exploaded. The last figure I heard was it costing the Catholic Church over 3 billion dollars with thousands of charges. Why didn’t more children come forward? At this point, it is easier to believe that their parents we’re reaching for the Pot of Gold. I hate child molestors as much as anyone, but just paying off a kid to keep it out of court was a Lawyer, publicist, and business manager decision. Anyway, MJ, I pray for your sole because now you’re in God’s hands and he knows for sure. YOU WILL BE MISSED111111111

  • bdram

    look im 14, im in tears reading all the inappropriate comments. a true legend died on thursday, and the child molestaion. was he ever found guilty and i read on earlier on saying that he paid him 20million dollers, he was told to give him that.

    michael jackson i will miss you till my death, such a great, loving man, you were the music legend. i hope to see you one day.

    rest in peace x x x x x

  • Guest

    Its always sad when someone passes from this life. I send my deepest sympathies to his family.

    Will i miss his music? NO it was over rated shrieking and wailing for the most part

  • Lillie

    First I want to state that I do not believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile. If you go back to the claims made by the boy in the nineties( they were posted on the smoking gun). The kind of outrageous things claimed to be done would not have been the actions of someone un-catchable. The prosecutor (Tom Sneddon) was very good at getting what he felt was ‘justice’, yet he could not find anything but a weak and sad mockery of a case ten years after the fact. The nineties case team had the 20+million in their hands (it was there’s and could not be taken back under any circumstances)Yet they refused to help the prosecutor with the criminal charges.
    The choices were: Stop MJ from doing it again and expose the truth, or take the money and run

    All I ask is that people who are so sure MJ was a pedophile take into consideration why many don’t feel the same.

    There isn’t a person over ten years old in the US and many other places on this planet that do not know the artist Michael Jackson. That has been the way it is for decades. Some in good vibration some not, but nonetheless He is a very well known celebrity. Now that he has passed there will come a time when a youngster will be listening in on a conversation and say ‘who’s Michael Jackson?’ He was well known in the 70’2, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. His legacy will live on.

    May He Rest In Peace

    • Marja

      I don’t think that Michael did something to the children. He loved children, because they are not like the adults who did nothing than judge him for every step he makes. I read that the boy even did say that it was not true.
      I think that it was the parents or someone else who wants to have Michael’s money for themselves.
      But in the process they distroyed Michael.
      If someone did this to Michael i hope they see what they have done.
      I hope he rest in peace now.

  • Guest

    i can understand why mj would only love children

    i hate you all, bitches

  • RIP
  • Guest

    I love to see Michael Jackson’s dancing….excellent !

  • agency collection

    I think I liked him best in the 80’s. Great performer in the 80’s, hope he says hi to Vincent Price.

  • Guest

    Believe it or not Michael Jackson was working on taking a new job at Walmart. Someone had told MJ that Walmart had little kids pants half off.

  • epal

    mj you look like a girl

  • pookie

    i can’t believe he’s dead.
    i remember my best friend in middle school getting me hooked on MJ’s music in the mid 90’s. i listened to him all the time… beat it, billie jean, thriller… lots of good songs…
    RIP michael. you will be missed. :-(

  • louis

    in loving memory of the king of all kings the KING OF POP MICHAEL JACKSON… You will awlways be remembered you are the man in the mirior

  • Jayne C.

    What the heck people!?
    Apparently many of you FORGOT what MJ did in the past?
    Diddling with small boys so that “PeterPan” can get his rocks off!!!!

    What about Karl Malden or Farrah Fawcett etc?
    These are people WORTH remembering.

    No wonder WHY this world is so screwed up!

    • mg

      Yeah soooooooo, what’s the point? U taking God’s place now? Oh – FF and KM, well, they were celebrities and it was up to them to where to advertise and if “nobody remembers them, but- of course not” then that is their problem as a celebrity.

  • Guest

    Holy mother freakers. your all a bunch af fags this is not that sad that his dead. he made some cool musice. and his only other contrebution was dance. well a lot of people cand do the same flipin thing you fagits. also his only statrtling contribution was speacer sistum he made that nasa now uses. but the evidence of him being a homosexueal pedifiel is pritie daming. I don’t know that its true but it is not such a big deal that his dead. the big deal is how he dead. and that is being soved so stop your whining and buy some his albums.