The Things People Looked for Pictures of on Twitter in 2009

    December 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

Earlier, we looked at Twitter’s top trending topics of 2009. They broke it down into several top ten lists based on various categories.

Yfrog, a site that hosts images and videos for people to share on Twitter, has shared its top ten image searches for 2009. In other words, this is a reflection of what people are looking for images of on Twitter. Granted, Yfrog is not the only service that people use to share pictures on Twitter. TwitPic is an obvious one. Still, Yfrog is a reasonably popular one, and it would be hard to believe if TwitPic’s list was too different.


Here’s Yfrog’s Top 10 of 2009

1. New Moon / Twilight
2. Jonas Brothers
3. Tiger Woods
4. Michael Jackson
5. Halloween / costume
6. iPhone
7. Adam Lambert
8. Kanye West / RIP Kanye West
9. Iran election
10. Miley Cyrus

"In 2009 posting pictures and videos to sites like Facebook and Twitter became standard practice for the tech savvy," a YFrog representative tells WebProNews. "Instant media sharing defined not only a new form of citizen journalism, but revolutionized how pop culture, politics and current events are captured and shared globally."

This is only one of the many top ten of 2009 lists we have covered, and don’t be surprised if there are more. Check out some of the other 2009 lists in the related articles and get ready for a new year.

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