The Tension Between Google and Yahoo!

    March 2, 2004

With the launch of Overture’s new Site Match product, Yahoo has plunged yet again into the search engine spotlight

But Google isn’t ready to give up the center stage without a fight. A Google representative at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York this morning opened by saying, “At Google we don’t have paid inclusion. We pride ourselves on organic listings not paid search.”

That brings up a relevant question: how do you know you’re getting legitimate unpaid listings within search results if website owners can pay to be listed?

That’s where the search war comes into place.

Sources have told WebProNews that back when Yahoo first purchased Inktomi, Yahoo wasn’t concerned with search and thought nothing could beat its human-edited directory.

When Google came into the picture, it held only a small share of the search market – very contrasting to its current market share.

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