The Sick Tools of the Marketing Ninjas

    January 16, 2008

I’ve been procrastinating far too long on this post – and unfortunately, it’s going to come out a bit rushed.

Internet Marketing Ninjas - Internet Marketing Training

Part of the reason for that, it’s hard to justify the ROI on blogging now because I actually WORK on projects that make me money, instead of just writing about how smart I am. While I miss blogging often quite a bit sometimes (it’s really fun to write about things you enjoy), I really like making money on fun and profitable projects a whole lot more.

One of the best testimonials I can give for Jim Boykin and the Internet Marketing Ninjas Program (*yes, this is an affiliate link – please see below) is that after studying with him in the Ninja dojo in Troy, NY – I was much better equipped to work on the projects that I do now. The time I spent in the dojo has given me a skillset to earn an income for my lifetime. $3k is a WHOLE lot cheaper than the hundred thousand or so I dropped on college and business school. I’m not saying that IMN is the ONLY thing you’re going to need to make a boatload of cash, but it is at least worth a freshman and sophomore year at a MUCH cheaper price. There IS no college for this stuff – only the ninja underground.

The number one reason why this program is worth it – the TOOLS. These tools make me drool. These Tools are SICK. I could tell you about them here, but just go play with them. Many were in house tools that I LOVED while at WBP. Jim’s proficiency for writing incredible seo tools is part of what brought me to We Build Pages in the first place when I worked there. In addition to the tools, you get videos from some of the best in the business.

I could probably carry on here for quite a while, but you can read all the promotional sales copy on the site. Having been a part of the program from the onset – and receiving no compensation UNLESS you signup through my link – I can unequivocally say that this is worth it. I know they will only continue to add incredible information to the program.

*while I don’t often use affiliate links on my site – it is pretty foolish not too. I would definitely suggest this program whether I get a cut on it or not – because the program and tools are definitely worth it. I also have an additional $500 off coupon – if you’re interested, drop me an email, and I’ll send over the code (not allowed to be published online).