The Search for the Secret to Success

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If you are interested in becoming a network marketing success, please read this article very carefully. This article could change your life.

I failed too…

Not very long ago, I was like most network marketers. Working myself to death only to receive a very small check in the mail each month. I would swap from company to company, hoping to find one that would work for me.

I traveled and went to seminars and conventions. I spent thousands of dollars on book and tapes. I asked every single heavy hitter I met what the secret was to successful recruiting. Regardless of the source of the information, in almost every instance the same answer prevailed… “Keep making presentations.”

I was still lost…

How could this be the secret? I had been making presentations for years and had not achieved near the success these industry leaders had. There had to be something I was missing. What was it?

Start-ups don’t work…

Over time I began to notice things. Things like start-up companies made money for a few people, but very seldom lasted more than five years. All of the excitement and hoop-la over a new company launch really only served to make money for those few real heavy hitters at the top. Most everyone else lost money.

Products are important…

I also noticed that products count. Sure, there are some people out there who make a lot of money off illegal chain letters with no products at all. But the income does not last for long. Only a company offering great products which are actually used by the purchaser would be able to supply a long term income stream.

Free programs don’t produce…

I also discovered that free programs seldom work. Someone has to spend some money for you to earn a commission.

So, I sought out a seasoned company with a great reputation that had a wide line of exceptional products, and with a minimum required monthly purchase. This had to be the secret!

I was right. Almost…

I performed better with this company. But, I was still not going gang-busters. I knew my upline, and quite frankly, they were still working regular jobs after being associated with the company for a couple of years. I sat back and looked at them and asked myself, are they where I want to be two years from now? I left the company.

The secret was still hidden….

What was I missing? Why was I not performing the way I knew I could?

Great tools are not enough…

Wherever I went, whatever I tried.. there seemed to be a glass ceiling I could not burst through. I tried everything to bring in prospects. I had web sites, autoresponders, and even a safe list. I had toll free numbers and fax on demand. I put up signs on telephone poles and hung tear sheets in apartment complexes. I advertised almost anywhere and everywhere. Something was still missing. The secret.

Then the phone rang…

An old acquaintance phoned and told me about some people building a new power-leg with an established company. He wanted me to join his group. Then he let the shoe drop. It was a company I had been with before. I told my caller of my experience with the company. That everything seemed to be perfect, except I was not performing how I knew I could. I told him I did not think this company was the secret. Then my caller explained to me what he thought was the secret.

He said “The secret is in support”…

He explained to me that a lot of people claim to be able to build leaders, but few can. To prove his point, just look at most network marketers out there. Most are struggling, and struggling hard. They are lucky to get any kind of check at all.

He explained that it is not what you do, but rather how you do that makes the difference between being a success and an also-ran.

He explained that the people he had teamed up with knew how to build a huge organization, and that they would teach me, and I could teach others.

I was skeptical…

I had already tried this company once, and although I advanced quickly through the ranks, I was unsatisfied with both my performance and the support I had received from my upline. Why would this time around be any different?

He convinced me to give it a try…

I joined the company and immediately began recruiting people. I went from one level of achievement to the next very quickly.. moving up from my first sign-up to director in only nine days. I don’t think that is a record, but it is exceptional. I even passed by friend in just a few short days.

My friend was right in many respects. I had found the secret! But my friend was wrong. He really did not know the secret. Support is not it.

I found the secret…

Now I know the secret to phenomenal success. Now I know how industry leaders become industry leaders. Now I know how to build an income of $10,000, $20,000, $40,000 or more per month.

Success depends on the right combination of ingredients…

In order to achieve real success in network marketing you need a combination of factors. The factors must mesh together as one. Some factors are tangible, like web sites. Others are intangible, like motivation. But all are equally important to your success.

The secret to network marketing success is…

Motivation: You must have more than a desire for success. You must have a passion for success. You must want success with every fiber of your being.

Coachability: You must be coachable. You must accept the guidance of those who are already successful and learn from their experience. Emulate what they do and, more importantly, how they do. You must be willing to learn the system and teach others how to use it.

Quality Tools: You must have quality tools such as web sites, autoresponders, pre-recorded presentations, and a prospect follow up system.

Exceptional Products: The products you offer must be exceptional. Not the overpriced garbage offered by most network marketing companies.

Generous Compensation Plan: The compensation plan must be sufficiently rewarding for the effort involved. The plan must be designed so that even part-timers can build a significant income. The levels of accomplishment must be in small incremental steps that are achievable.

Exceptional Support: Your upline must realize that their success depends on your success and work with you any way that is possible. They must be readily available for consultation and three way calls. They must encourage you and motivate you . They must urge you to perform at a point slightly beyond your capabilities.

Duplicable System: The system must be duplicable and not overly complicated. It must produce results.

Stable Company: If you plan on building an income that will last a lifetime you need a company that will also last your lifetime.

It takes each of these things to be successful in any opportunity. You must be motivated and coachable. You must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. you must be willing to work with passion to achieve your goals. The most important ingredient in success is YOU.

Trial and error, or results…

With everything else you have two choices. You can either develop it yourself, or you can join a team that already has it all. Developing the tools and support system yourself is time consuming, expensive and requires a lot of trial and error. You get a great head start by joining the right team. A team which offers the tools and a support system that has proven to produce results.

The final ingredient…

There is one other ingredient more valuable than tools and support. You must learn to be a leader. You must learn how to train others to accomplish the same thing you have. You need to train others not just in the products and sales techniques, you must train them in the business of network marketing.

Reinvest your income…

When you begin to make money from your program, don’t waste it. Reinvest it. Take a predetermined portion and invest it in purchasing leads or a lead generation system. Build upon the tools you already have. Or buy a book or audio tape series to help you build upon the knowledge you have already gained.

Invest in yourself…

Spend a little of our new income rewarding yourself. Go to a movie. Have a nice dinner somewhere. Buy yourself something you want. You need to reward yourself so you can feel the benefit of your success.

Invest in your future…

Set a predetermined portion of your income aside in a savings account Build a nest egg that will give you some security.

Get out of debt…

Take a predetermined portion of your income and pay it against your credit cards, car, or house. Work to reduce your debt. Get the pressure off so you can begin to enjoy your life.

Now you know…

The secret to network marketing success is a combination of a number of factors. There is no single factor as important as your motivation, but it takes all the factors mentioned in this article coming together in a systematic manner for you to achieve success.

Take action NOW…

How many months or years have you lost trying to become an overnight success? Isn’t it time you actually became a success? Isn’t it time you got passionate about a business?

Evaluate what you are doing. Does it meet the criteria for success? Do you meet the criteria for success? If the ingredients are there, get passionate and get busy!

Quit making excuses for why you can not succeed and look at the reasons you should succeed. Find what motivates you, and focus on it. Do you want a better life for you family? Do you want retirement income? Do you want a new car or new house? Find out what your hot button is and push it. Push it hard!

You can achieve all that you have ever dreamed of, provided your dreams become your vision and your vision results in action.

Brande and Chris Bradford are active participants in a home based business opportunity and are the publishers of GREAT HEIGHTS, a monthly newsletter focused on home based business issues. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a blank e-mail to: Great-Heights-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit: http://www.brandebradford.com

The Search for the Secret to Success
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About Brande and Chris Bradford
Brande and Chris Bradford are active participants in a home based business opportunity and are the publishers of GREAT HEIGHTS, a monthly newsletter focused on home based business issues. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a blank e-mail to: Great-Heights-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit: http://www.brandebradford.com WebProNews Writer
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