The Next Gen DVD War Heats Up

    September 30, 2005

In what seems like an eternal battle to some, the war over the next generation of DVDs continues to wage on. New factions backing either the Blu Ray disc or the HD DVD format are appearing and they are power players in the market. Microsoft and Intel have figured in for HD DVD. Dell and HP are speaking out against them.

Recently, Microsoft and Intel both said they’ve sided with Toshiba because the HD DVD is a far superior format. Dell and HP, both member of the Blu Ray Disc Association, hung together when they said, “”Microsoft and Intel’s announcement erroneously indicates that HD-DVD has an advantage in a number of areas.”

Many are noting perhaps the biggest disparity in the Intel/Microsoft statement that the HD DVD has a larger capacity than the Blu Ray. The problem with this is that the HD DVD has 2 layers totaling 30 GBs. The Blu Ray has 25 GBs on a single layer and two will probably be the standard taking the disc to 50 GBs.

Both groups have a vested interest in the outcome. Dell and HP are both onboard for the Blu Ray and will integrate them into their computers. Microsoft has a much more vested interest in the HD DVD. They signed an agreement some time ago with Toshiba that allows them to share technology openly. Also, Microsoft makes a product, the Xbox 360 that competes directly with the Sony’s Playstation 3. Intel is following Microsoft’s play. The PS3 will probably be the first venue for the Blu Ray player. The Xbox360 will also probably include the HD DVD at some point in the game although they’ve not announced a date.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.