The News Revolution Started Yesterday

    September 9, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Extinction probably isn’t the right word when it comes to assessing the state of journalism; evolution or revolution might be closer. Yesterday, Internet giants like Google and Yahoo, among others, announced enough traditional news media partnerships (and one citizen journalist partnership) that the volume of them became newsworthy itself.

Something’s happening, and aren’t you lucky to be witnessing it? More and more the Internet and media are converging, and the information you need for your personal narrative is just a click away. Libraries, books, newspapers—one day we’ll look back at them as quaint old-world relics—will become museums, collectors’ items, and wrapping paper. Our paradigm defining journalism is also shifting.

Below is what’s happening in the world of news and media today, from Google digitizing old newspapers (so long microfiche!) and YouTube becoming a road to a Pulitzer, to electronic newspapers and Twittercasting on CNN. 

News Revolution

Google Drops Some History On You

"Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful." It’s a statement you’re probably very familiar with at this point. It is also a statement that Google is still making good on as the latest project in line with this mission is digitally archiving the newspapers of history in a searchable way.

YouTube Partners With Pulitzer Center For Contest

Poor video quality, the pointlessness of many clips, and the fact that the site isn’t profitable have all kept YouTube from earning much respect.  But a new contest called Project: Report may go a ways towards changing that.

Electronic Newspaper Reader Debuts

Plastic Logic has launched a new electronic newspaper reader similar to Amazon’s Kindle, but it’s about the size of a regular piece of copy paper. Like the Kindle, this reader utilizes E-Ink’s black and white display technology.

Zillow, Newspapers Form Huge Advertising Network

Real estate experts seem to appreciate the news regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – it looks like the industry is receiving a huge boost.  Now, specialists in real estate advertising may also have something to cheer, as Zillow and a large collection of newspapers have signed an agreement.


Yahoo! News Getting Redesign, Good for Blogs

Yahoo! News has a new redesign in the works, and in a move that will make many bloggers and "citizen journalists" happy, they are giving some love to blog posts that are covering popular news stories. On what appears to be each article page, there is a section for "most blogged" within the particular category you happen to be in.

New CNN Show Based on Twitter

We all know that Twitter is a huge hit with so-called "geeks," but it just may get a big push into mainstream society, thanks to CNN. The news broadcaster has already been incorporating "tweets" into reports, and now anchor Rich Sanchez, a faithful Twitter user, has left a tweet indicating that they would be debuting a new Twitter show today called "Rick Sanchez Direct.”