The MeWe Generation — Crying out for authenticity

    June 2, 2005

Swedish think-tank and research company Kairos Future releases their new book The MeWe Generation this month. It’s “…a journey through new values and mental styles… a book about mobile and multiple young identities.”

It’s always sound to be sceptical against anyone trying to predict the future. But if they’re right, blogging sure is one step – perhaps a tiny one, but still – towards what this generation both want and expect from marketers. In the preface (pdf) I read:

“What we see is an evolving world of individuals, with multi-faceted personalities, trying hard to maximise their opportunities. These individuals most value personal relationships and distrust everything and everyone they consider to be superficial. They are crying out for authenticity.”

Hat tip to Richard.

Links: Kairos Future
The MeWe Generation

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