The French Oxymoron Called Quaero

    May 10, 2006

In January, I wrote about Quaero, a planned European multimedia search engine, the answer to Google and brainchild of the French government.

My own thoughts about it were expressed thus:

[] The idea of Quaero is a terrific one. Yet I can’t imagine anything more oxymoronic than “government-backed search engine.”

Loic Le Meur – a Frenchman – has posted a withering commentary on this oxymoron, lambasting the French government in the process.

Headline points from Loic’s 10 reasons why the French search engine will fail:

1. Can’t spell it.

2. Centralized.

3. Secret versus beta.

4. No buzz, no adoption.

5. A galaxy of actors who compete to get the subventions and don’t get much noticed for their latest web innovations.

6. Not really international.

7. A neverending story.

8. Not enough euros.

9. Subventions euros are not worth venture capital euros.

10. Google is a thousand startups

See Loic’s post for the excruciating details.

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