The Filter Tweaks Music Software

    August 15, 2007

The Filter, a social music recommendation site has released a new version of its software that features an improved user interface that enables users to create playlists to fill their iPod, iPhone and Apple TV more quickly.

The Windows version of the software features updated and better support for the newer Nokia smart phones.

 The new release also includes a new Facebook Application that will bring social music recommendation to Facebook users. The Facebook application will allows users to share their music profile with friends and recommend songs. It also allows users to listen to a clip of a recommended song.

The recommendation engine that runs The Filter has been improved because of a deal with Nokia, whose data from their music stored has increased the amount of songs that The Filter can recommend to its users.

 To create a playlist users can open their iTunes or Windows Media Player, and The Filter will analyze your music. Users can then click on "Create a Playlist" to generate one based on artists or song.

The application and the Web site also recommends new music based on personal tastes and listening habits. The Filter links to download stores like iTunes and allows users to buy songs they like.

"The first wave of the digital revolution was about the freedom of choice, trying to make everything accessible to anyone, anyplace, anytime. I think the second wave will be about freedom from choice. It will be able to filter and focus so that you get more of what you want," said Peter Gabriel, Investor and solo artist.