The Felt Source Peer Review – Needs Quality Control

    July 18, 2003

The Felt Source needs some quality control.

When updating websites over a number of years it is easy to forget to update things, everyone does it. The by-line on the top of each page states proudly “Selling quality felts to Schools, Libraries, Parents, and Churches for over 15 years” yet on other pages this has reduced to 13 before bottoming out at 11 years. This results in a rather amateur image. I would suggest using an include text on all the pages so that it is consistent and reduces the need to update all the pages.

There are also a number of dead links, dead links to internal pages indicate a lack of testing. For example on the page nurseryrhymes.html there are two internal links. Both of which are broken, and both because they point to a .htmll page instead of a .html page. There is a dead link on the international currency converter page too.

When changing pages create a copy and test it thoroughly before publishing.

The product page layouts, and pages in general are very unstructured, products appear left, right centre and above the relevant text. This is very confusing. Decide on one style and stick to it. When I am looking for something I scan the page for what I want and having a jumbled mess slows down page scanning dramatically.

Its not a bad site but needs more structured listings and quality control

Peter Langford
IT & C Manager

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