The Feds Wish You A Happy Holiday

    December 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The US government, via its revamped FirstGov platform, has plenty of suggestions on how people can handle all that the holidays throw their way.

When representatives of Uncle Sam say, “Don’t worry, we’re here to help,” some choose to start worrying instead. For once it’s ok to relax.

The heavily revamped FirstGov portal, resplendent with clustering search technology from Vivisimo and an assortment of information from various parts of the US government.

One of the links leads to the various gift options available from federal agencies. While you can’t ask for a break on your income taxes, you can pick up items like a DeWitt Clinton Train Set from the Smithsonian, or a crystal gavel available from the Supreme Court’s gift shop.

Folks with family members or friends serving in the nation’s Armed Forces can click over to the America Supports You website from FirstGov. A selection of links there offers opportunities to help troops in and out of theatre, as well as their families.

Closer to home, people who have seriously procrastinated with their greeting card and package shipping can find more information, including shipping deadlines, at the Post Office website. There you’ll find that you’ve missed the December 18th First Class mailing deadline, which means you’ll have to send wealthy Aunt Edna her card tomorrow by Priority Mail unless you want to get cut out of the will.

The end of year holidays have always been a hectic time for traveling. An assortment of travel tips for domestic and international vacationers advise people on the latest news regarding air travel and border crossings, among other topics.

Other areas of interest like cooking and shopping receive some attention at FirstGov. The sheer volume of information accumulated by the numerous federal agencies and made available through the portal merits attention from Internet-using citizens. By virtue of being online, a lot of resources that may have required a lot of time and phone calls to find in the past should be much easier to locate today.


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