The Danger of Not Letting Your Bloggers Know

    February 27, 2006

What’s the danger of not letting your internal bloggers know about your product release plans?

They might not be able to help keep your announcements in proper perspective. But, that’s OK. Todd Bishop, of the Seattle PI did more work over the weekend to dig into the details behind the Origami project. He learned that there isn’t going to be a product release on March 2, but that we’ll learn more details. John Markoff of the New York Times has more details too. And Memeorandum is tracking a bunch of comments.

Kent Newsome asks “will it walk the walk?”

Whenever hype gets ahead of an announcement, the answer has to be: no.

But, then, you gotta realize that I totally agree with Joe Wilcox who says that the best companies underpromise and overdeliver. ; )

Maybe I should have posted that no one will want an Origami and that it sucks raw potatoes.

Seriously, let’s keep our hype in check, OK? Where’s the snarks when we need them? Calling Christopher Coulter, calling Christopher Coulter!

Oh, and marketing teams, I know you don’t want to let bloggers in on the secret, but when you don’t tell us what’s up we can’t help you keep expectations under control. Now everyone expects Origami to be bigger than the Xbox. I’d much rather expectations were dialed down a bit.

To bloggers outside Microsoft: it’s not healthy when things get hyped up so much. Whenever a company does this (whether it’s the one I work for, or another company), ask some tough questions. I have a ton. What is this? Who will want it? When will it be purchasable? When will there be decent quantities on the shelf? What are its limitations? Who’ll think it sucks? Who’ll think it rocks? Are any real customers using it yet? What will the price be? What will the real price be (after you deck it out to work properly?) When will we be able to get our hands on one? Does it have a chance in the marketplace? Why? Will Patrick Scoble want one of these instead of a video iPod? Why? (And, yes, as soon as I have one in my hands I’m gonna show it to Patrick and see if we have a clue).

Anyway, it’s gonna be a fun week. And not just because of Origami stuff. See ya in New York!

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as’s Vice President of Media Development.

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