The Average American Still Unfamiliar With Twitter

More than two-thirds of poll's respondents decline to comment

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Advertisers like to believe that Twitter allows and encourages people to talk about different products, creating demand in a viral fashion.  But some fresh statistics indicate that Twitter may actually be an excellent conversation-stopper, instead. 

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Over 2,000 American adults participated in a LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll in late June, and of these, "over two-thirds (69%) say they do not know enough about Twitter to have an opinion about it," according to Otilia Otlacan.

As for the remaining participants, their opinions weren’t entirely positive.  Otlacan wrote, "Just over one in ten say it is just at its infancy (12%), 12% also say it is just something that young people and the media will use and 8% of consumers say it is already over and it’s time to find the next best thing."

This is a rather embarrassing state of affairs for Twitter.  A recent report indicated that Twitter received $48 million worth of free publicity in about a month’s time, which the company must have hoped would translate into at least a little more awareness.

Twitter might be doing something to correct the situation, however, since its new homepage is supposed to do a better job of introducing people to the service.

The Average American Still Unfamiliar With Twitter
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  • toto

    I live on Facebook, Myspace and other social media sites. I have visited Twitter maybe 10 times and I still don’t understand that thing… Every time I land on a Twitter page it has a list of useless messages. I signed up once and since then I’ve been getting emails from Twitter saying people are following me to I don’t know where LOL! Whatta hell is that thing? Looks like boring crap to me.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/theclickbankprofitsystemreview Clickbank Profit System

    I don’t know about twitter too much either, but I have received advice that it can be great for a marketing campaign. I’ll be looking into it a bit deeper.

  • TwitterIZLame

    I am sick and tired of hearing about twitter. Hearing about it from every possible news outlet and TV commercial 24/7 makes it even MORE repulsive a prospect. I went to the site, watched the video, and I still find it to be as useless as it was when I first asked someone to explain it to me. So some people like to know every little thing that’s going on every second of the day with their little pals. Bully for them! Besides, it sounds to me like when Facebook catches up with Twitter, the word “tweeting” will disappear from the popular lexicon FOREVER.

  • Chris Trembath

    I work for a company that runs an internet business, my job requires me to do regular SEO activities. And Since everybody was shouting about twitter I joined up, posted some links to things I thought were interesting and hey presto! within a few days I had 200 followers.

    The problem was they were all people who seemed to be selling new ways to get followers! nobody of any actual interest. (accept a maybe 20 or 30 people who were actually interesting)

    Twitter offers very little Seo Value, It has never generated any traffic to our website and I simply think its limited to highly tech savvy people with blogs and tech related websites.

  • Mike Fratto

    Twitter has its uses. However, I think that, on the whole, it is useless and time consuming.

    On the other hand, it can be an important tool for emergency responders who need to know information immediately that might not be available through regular radio communication.

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