That One Magic Word

    July 31, 2003

I still have a vivid memory of the exact moment that I caught my very first glimpse of that banner ad! It said that I could Get Paid to Surf the Web!!! I immediately knew it wasn’t going to take me very long to be bringing in a steady income!!!!

Little did I know, that was the beginning of a not so long journey to discovering the vast black holes of opportunities that lie out there on the internet!!! Actually, it was an answer to prayer. And the journey continues!!!

What it all boils down to, though, is one basic, underlying truth, that I feel that too many people are being duped into ignoring. THERE ARE NO MAGIC GET RICH QUICK PROGRAMS!!!!

There is one “secret” to being successful in an internet business (of any kind) that I believe we all know deep down in our hearts that is always true ——–PERSERVERANCE. Hard work. Keeping at it. And at it. And at it!

With that in mind, let’s look at the word PERSERVERANCE, and take it a step at a time!!!! Within that word, are some timeless truths that will ALWAYS help you to succeed in the end!

P – Pray and Plan – in that order! You can’t get anywhere without either!

E – Expect to get discouraged. Nothing goes perfectly, and NOTHING happens in 1 day!

R – Remember: There are NO GET RICH QUICK PROGRAMS! (But you’re not going to need one!)

S – Submit, submit, submit. Keep at it DAILY. Use all your resources.

E – Everyone is NOT an expert. They may sound like one, or claim to be one. But they had to start at the beginning just like you.

R – Read everything you can get your hands on about business on the internet. Develop a discernment about what is valuable.

V – Value is not always in dollars! Give yourself to your customers! Give the REAL YOU!

E – Even if it means not making a sale, ALWAYS be honest! You’ll earn more in the long run.

R – Rest. Don’t burn yourself out. This is NOT all there is to life!!!!!

E – Enjoy Yourself!!!!!! Have fun at what you do. You’ll EVENTUALLY be successful IFYou PERSERVERE!!!!

Gail Hornback is a stay at home mother of 5, editor of WebWorksAtHome Weekly Update and author of You can visit her site at and subscribe to the weekly ezine at