TGS 2013: Gravity Rush Is Getting A Sequel Or Something


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Gravity Rush was one of the earliest reasons to own a Vita. The startlingly original game from Sony's Japan Studio made the best possible use of the Vita with its unique controls, expansive open world and PS3-like visuals. Now it looks like Sony Japan may be making a sequel.

At Tokyo Game Show 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan released a short teaser for a new project from the Gravity Rush team. There's not a lot here besides an invitation to "fall again" and the announcement of a "new project from Team Gravity." That sounds like a sequel to me, but it could be any number of things.

A Gravity Rush sequel would probably make most sense on the Vita, but Sony may be working on a new game for both the Vita and the PS4. Gravity Rush has proven to be pretty popular for a new IP with its protagonist - Kat - showing up in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. A new Gravity Rush title for the PS4 and Vita with cross play and cross buy capabilities would undoubtedly be welcome by fans of the series.

While there's not much to go off of yet, Tokyo Game Show is just starting. Sony may share more information regarding the title as the show progresses over the weekend.

[Image: playstationjp/YouTube]