Telling a Story as a Blog Post Idea

    October 23, 2006

Blog topic ideas are often difficult to find, even for the most experienced and prolific bloggers. The careful blog owner always has a few post ideas and possible topics written down, or even stored on a set of index cards. Some bloggers may even have their ideas categorized in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, not all bloggers are that well organized.

When short of topics, one good old fashioned idea is to simply tell a story. Your readers will enjoy reading a good story that involves you or someone to whom they can relate. The tale may be one of business, but it could be a very personal one as well. One important thing to keep in mind is the story should be on a subject relevant to your blog and to your readership. At the same time, the narrative should be told from the heart.

A good short story format is also a powerful way to teach some lessons in business, or whatever is the major theme of your blog. For example, telling of a failed sales representative can underline a sales technique post. Without a doubt, adding real people into your posts will make them more interesting to read. The posts will also help you to connect more personally with your blog readership. After all, one of the purposes of a blog is relationship building, and good storytellers are of interest to almost everyone.

At the beginning of this post, I suggested the concept of storytelling as a posting idea when the well of inspiration runs dry. A gripping tale can also serve to provide an insight into your way of thinking and world view that a standard information post can’t begin to achieve. A good story draws the reader into its narrative and its underlying message. After all, people have listened to stories for thousands of years.

The village storyteller passed along the history and great events of the community to a new generation. At the same time, those who knew the tales well never tired of their repetition. The events and characters struck a chord deep in the human heart that never was extinguished. Ever since the invention of the written word, people have been reading them over and over again as well. Stories are that powerful as a medium for sharing ideas and wisdom with others.

Add stories of yourself and other real life experiences into your blog postings.

Your readers will welcome that sharing of yourself.

Who knows, your exploits may one day be told and retold like the heroes and heroines of days gone by.

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