Tell the world? Tell the search engines!

    October 11, 2002

Okay, okay there are no big surprises with this promotion method. Search engines represent the best way to get traffic to your site, day after day after day. But which search engines are the most important?

Firstly, make sure the pages you promote contain good content, have good page titles, and contain appropriate keywords and description meta tags.

If you have yet to build your site, then I can highly recommend Ken Evoy’s Site Build It!. Among the many, many tasks that are automated – site design, site creation, site hosting – Site Build It! also lets you easily generate keywords and meta tags AND lets you analyse them too!

Otherwise you could see what Sumantra Roy has to say about keywords here

Anyway, back to the major search engines.

Without doubt, right now, the most important search engine is Google. And after Google, there really are only a few other search engines to worry about. The ‘submit your site’ tools below cover all of them!

I’d recommend that you submit a different page of your site to the search engines on a regular basis, until you have submitted all of your pages. And then resubmit every month until your pages have been added. Then only submit new pages to these search engines/directories.

It really is a good idea to keep a log of when and where you submit your site. (I keep a log of all my website promotion efforts –click here. At least I try to! 😮 )

Back to the marvelous all-in-tool that is Site Build It! (SBI). Not only does SBI automatically submit each of your pages to the major search engines, it tests to see if your page is listed on the search engine (and checks its ranking too). And if it isn’t listed, it re- submits that particular page – again automatically. (I use SBI to promote one of my websites, and it ranks very well on some ‘very competitive’ keywords.)


* Jim Tools Site Submission

Wizard is a great place to start submitting your site. You can submit your site to search engines, directories, FFAs (and even spam-free FFAs!)

* Other auto-submit sites include:

Note: It is best to use just one auto-submit tool at a given time. Some search engines consider mass submission of pages to be spam and may reject your page or, worse still, your whole site!


Hand submit your site to the major search engines

* – UK shopping guides

This page allows you to hand-submit your (shopping) site to over 25 UK shopping guides and directories.

Pay-per-click search engines are a good way of paying for website traffic. Visit this site to learn more:

And Inktomi can guarantee that individual pages on your website will be added to several of the major search engines EVERY 48 hours for 1 year (at a cost of course!).

For details of this service and other services you might like to consider, visit here

So what are you waiting for, get submitting! You should have found at least one new place to add your site. And if you didn’t, well let me point you in the direction of a couple of REAL search engine experts! 😉 Maybe they can help…

Both Sumantra Roy and Danny Sullivan are Internet-renowned for their search engine knowledge and expertise. Both have outstanding (and free) search engine resources. And both offer highly effective professional services too. Visit:
Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch

Sumantra Roy of 1stSearchRanking

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