Telemarketing big with Xerox

    September 29, 2006

Do you use the telephone as part of your multi-modal lead generation strategy?

A recent BtoB Magazine article by Carol Krol, “Copy this: Telemarketing big with Xerox” shows that, although the phone may not be as buzz worthy as other lead generation tools, it remains the backbone to successful lead generation.

Still, as Krol’s article shows, the telephone shouldn’t stand alone. It functions best as the integrated hub for all other lead generation modalities and the central point for qualifying inquires and sales ready leads. And I have found no other tool is as accurate when it comes to collecting the qualitative information salespeople require to justify pursuing a lead.

It is fascinating to see just how versatile–and necessary–the phone is, with such applications as:

  • Initial prospecting and qualification.
  • Qualifying inquiries from various sources.
  • Appending data and information.
  • Reconnecting with past customers and leads.
  • Centralizing leads for profiling and scoring.
  • Following up on requests for information.
  • Driving seminar and webinar attendance.
  • Inviting and following up on trade show attendees.
  • Validating direct marketing lists.
  • Following up on direct mail campaigns.
  • Building a database.
  • Scheduling sales appointments.
  • Developing relationships.
  • Getting internal referrals.

To use the phone as an effective lead generation strategy, consider creating a specialized teleprospecting function within the marketing group. The teleprospecting program is extremely helpful in creating a functional bridge between the sale and marketing teams.

Creating a teleprospecting or lead management team, as an internal unit is easier said than done. So it is not surprising that more organizations are outsourcing their teleprospecting activities to companies like mine.


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