Teens Facebook Party Trashes $8 Million Home

    May 30, 2008

A family from Britain had their $8 million Spanish home vandalized by 400 teenagers after the owner’s 16-year-old daughter put invitations to a party on social networking sites Facebook and Bebo.

After invitations to the party were posted rumors began to circulate that Jodie Hudson’s parents did not care if their seven-bedroom home was destroyed because they were getting a divorce.

At the end of the night, according to one friend of the teen, the house resembled "a war zone" with $11,000 worth of jewelry and clothes stolen by some of the teen revelers, and televisions thrown in the swimming pool.

Hudson organized the party by putting invites on both her Bebo and Facebook profiles. She described it as the "party of the year," and wrote on the sites," Theres going to be a lot of alcohol and an amazing DJ."

As the party continued to get out of control, Jodie’s mom who is estranged from her husband, called police. The officers arrived just after midnight.

One person at the party said," People scarpered in all directions, but the police managed to pull people over and search their bags and pockets, but it was already too late and a lot was gone," the Times reported.

"Somebody said that we were allowed to wreck the house because the birthday girl’s parents were getting divorced and there were kids behaving like gangsters from a rap video, throwing stuff around and smashing things. There were chairs, tables, even a TV in the pool."

After the party Hudson wrote,"There’s so much damage and clothes stolen. A lot of broken doors. people caight [sic] having sex."

The house in Spain has been on the market for $8 million. It’s available for rent in the summer for $7,000 a week, but will need extensive repairs and will not be for rent for several months.